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UPDATED: Friday, July 20, 2001
~Added "Heart of The Dragon" an RK/Ranma crossover by

~ I just wanna urge all Macross 7 fans to go visit my MACROSS 7 page here. On to the rurouni kenshin stuff shall we? ^_^

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people have been here... hmm...

These are my fics. ^_^
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If You Want To Laugh

If You Want To Cry

And more fics to come... Yikes!


Daryl's Yahiko Fic
This one's sad.. *sniff*

Heart of The Dragon
RK/Ranma crossover by
Heart of The Dragon part 1

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Ashfae's Page!!
David's Page!! (has RK fics but there's mostly Ranma.)
Myki-chan's pahge of RK stuff

and I'm working on more!!

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The Kamiya Dojo
Has awesome pics!! Go visit them! Arigatou to them! W/out them, i'd have no images on this page... *sniff*

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