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The Homepage Of Irish Leprechauns- and other Fairy Folk

Welcome to the Homepage of the Leprechauns (with the rest of the Tuatha de Danann, Sidhe, Fir Bolg, Fir Dunn, Irish Elves,etc, tagging along and contributing). Here, one this single site, we hope to show you our magical land. We are sorry to say that this site isvery much under construction at the moment, even our magic takes time to work, so please bear with us, and read what is here now.

Well then my dear mortals- let's just get on thing straight before anything else: we will not distrubute gold to just any old person who wants it, we don't know you that well, and you certainly don't know us. So please don't leave messages asking for some, it just dosn't work like that- you'll have to catch us first!

Now that we have sorted that one out, we can tell you more about this site.Each page of this site has a story, poem or other infomation about us! Although we know about ourselves, we need storys and peoms from you mortals. So please, email us some storys and poems, it won't take you a minuite (and you never know about those pots of gold!)

Our Stories And Poems

The Valley Of Beers
The Fairy Fort
The Floating Island
The Pot Of Gold
Song Of The Drunk
Our Fine Irish Lady
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