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What is Interlingua?
Interlingua is the international language published by the International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA) of New York in 1951, after decades of research by full-time linguists.

Interlingua, like other planned languages, can be used as a second language for the world and as a bridge between its speakers of its source languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Interlingua vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on) is mainly a simplified form of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, languages descended from Latin. As a large proportion of English comes from Latin, most Interlingua words are easily recognizable to English speakers.

Interlingua grammar, also a simplified form of Latin-based languages, is very simple, because it does not have the dreaded irregular verbs and nouns that national languages have.

As the grammar is so uncomplicated and the vocabulary so similar to English, Interlingua can be mastered in a fraction of the time it takes to brush up, let alone learn, a traditional language.

Interlingua is a good basis for learning the Latin-based languages. In fact, many speakers of the Latin-based languages can understand Interlingua wirh little trouble.

Since there are so many speakers of Latin-based languages in the Americas and Europe, Interlingua is the ideal second language for these places.

What is the Bluegrass Interlingua Club?

The Bluegrass Interlingua Club is a local group dedicated to the study and use of Interlingua. The Bluegrass Interlingua Club meets weekly to provide a forum for discussions in and about Interlingua.

What can Interlingua do for Central Kentucky?
With our increasing Hispanic population, Interlingua can be a simple bridge to communicating with our new neighbors. Interlingua, being easier to learn than English, can also introduce Western vocabulary to our new Asian neighbors. Interlingua can also help Lexingtonians who plan to travel to a Latin countries, whether in Europe or in the Americas.

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