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Rocky Horror Picture Show

We swear, often and loudly, To strick a blow for glamour and for vanity. For rock'n'roll, for six inch heels, For interplanetary intercourse And for the Transylvanian Way.
The Rocky Horror Purity Test
1. Have you been to Rocky Horror?
2. More than 5 times?
3. More than 10 times
4. more than 50 times?
5. More then 100 times?
6. More than 500 times?
7. Have you ever been considered part of a 'cast' (i.e. preformed)?
8. More than 3 times?
9. More than 20 times?
10. More than 100 times?
11. Have you ever picked up someone up at Rocky?
12. Have you ever slept with someone you met at Rocky?
13. More than 3 people?
14. More than 10 people?
15. Have you ever slept with a 'cast member'?
16. More than 3?
17. More than 10?
18. Had 'elbow sex'?
19. Have you ever been propositioned by a cast member or someone you met at Rocky?
20. And go through with the proposition?
21. More than 3 times?
22. Have you propositioned someone just because they'd make a good cast member?
23. Have you been on a cast for more than a month?
24. A year?
25. 5 years?
26. Have you ever seen 'Shock Treatment'?
27. More than 3 times?
28. More than 10 times?
29. More often than you have Rocky?
30. Do you know the words to any 'Shock Treatment'
song by heart?
31. All of them?
32. Have you ever been part of a 'Shock Treatment' cast or preformance (in any way)?
33. Do you have the full costume for more than 1 Rocky character?
34. More than 3?
35. All of them?
36. Have you played more than 1 part in a cast? (At least once)
37. MOre than 3?
38. All of them?
39. Did you change your feelings about your sexual preference because of Rocky?
40. Did you find out you were right?
41. Have you slept with more than 1 cast member at once?
42. More than 2 at once?
43. Been involved in a cast orgy?
44. Have you ever had sex at Rocky?
45. Actually done something real during the 'bedroom' scene?
46. Have you ever done a 'Peek-a-Boo'?
47. Been complimented afterwards?
48. Seen Rocky in more than 1 different theatre?
49. More than 3?
50. More than 10?
51. Seen Rocky in more than 1 state?
52. More than 3?
53. Been involved in a 'Truth or Dare' game with cast members?
54. Been involved in 'Strip poker' or other striping game with cast members?
55. Do you know more than half of the Waffle House menu by heart?
56. All of it?
57. Do you not even look at the menu anymore?
58. Have you ever played any of the 'Waffle House Songs' on the juke box?
59. More than twice?
60. And lived to tell about it?
61. Have you ever gotten sick on Waffle House food?
62. Not gotten sick?
63. Been rudely insulted because of your Rocky attire?
64. Been praised because of it?
65. Been assaulted because of it?
66. Been called a 'Fag' or 'Dyke' at Rocky (with mailce)?
67. Created your own 'AP Line'?
68. Have people laugh at it?
69. Hear someone else yell it at a later date?
70. Been considered the 'Cast Slut'
71. Slept with the 'Cast Slut'
72. Done something totally unrelated to Rocky with most or all of the Rocky group? (Picnic, outing, camping trip, etc.)
73. During daylight hours?
74. Ever stayed up for more than 48 hours without sleep during a 'Rocky' weekend?
75. Been to a sci-fi or gaming convention with either cast members?
76. Headed you own cast?
77. Been 'de-throned'?
78. Met any of the original RHPS actors?
79. Met any of the Shock Treatment actors?
80. Know the Rocky Horror Bible by heart?
81. Own a Rocky Horror related book?
82. All of them?
83. Own the RHPS comic books?
84. The trading cards?
85. A bootleg of RHPS?
86. Bootleg with Japaneese subtitles?
87. The released tape copy?
88. The Laser Disk?
89. The video of Shock Treatment?
90. Own any Rocky Horror clothing?
91. Posters?
92. Buttons?
93. Bumper Stickers?
94. Audio tape?
95. CD?
96. London cast album?
97. Boxed set? (Either CD or Tape)
98. Any Tim Curry album?
99. Bat Out Of Hell?
100. Any Little Nell album?
101. Oficial A.P. album?
102. Met 'Uncle Sal' (Piro)?
103. Curtis Meshing?
104. Injured yourself at Rocky?
105. Gone to Rocky stoned?
106. More than 3 times?
107. Gone to Rocky drunk?
108. More than 3 times?
109. Gone to Rocky on acid?
110. More than 3 times?
111. Sang any 'Monty Python' song at Rocky or cast function?
112. Watch 'Monty Python' with cast?
113. Watched 'Ren And Stimpy' with cast?
114. Watched a porno with cast members?
115. Seen The 'Rocky Horror Porno Show'?
116. With cast members?
117. Gotten severly aroused because of one of these group viewings?
118. Had it lead to something steamy?
119. Taken a 'Regular' Purity Test?
120. More then 3 times?
121. As a cast function?
122. Had the lowest score on cast?
123. The hightst?
124. Dated a cast member for more than 3 months?
125. More than a year?
126. And was faithful?
127. Got married to cast member?
128. Got divorced form them?
129. Got married AT Rocky?
130. Preformed pregnant or injured?
131. Was asked to play a part at the last second?
132. A part you have enver played before?
133. And did a good job?
134. Brought more than 3 people as virgins?
135. More than 10?
136. Been dis-owned from family or friends because of Rocky?
137. Told yourself 'I need to get a life'?
138. Been burned out on Rocky?
139. Said you would leave Rocky forever?
140. And came back?
141. Within a month?
142. Sat out in the lobby during the entire show?
143. Joined cast because you were tired of paying for the ticket?
144. Gotten sick at Rocky? (Threw up)
145. Lost your virginity to a cast member or someone you met at Rocky?
146. Deflowered someone you met at Rocky?
147. Been hit on by your non-preferred gender at Rocky?
148. And yet have it lead to something steamy?
149. Played more than 1 part in full during 1 preformance?
150. Watched a Movie/TV show just because one of the Rocky actors was in it? (The Hunger, It, Clue)
151. Ever preformed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
152. And no one noticed?
153. Considered yourself a 'Rocky Junkie'?
154. Gotten kicked out of your home or apartment because of something Rocky related?
155. Tried to expalin what rocky was to your parents?
156. Taken your parents to Rocky?
157. Have your parents show up at Rocky without you knowing about it?
158. Taken a 'Road Trip' with other cast members to see or preform Rocky in another city?
159. Get involved with a cast just for sex?
160. Get involved with a cast just for sex and find out they were virgins?
161. Get involved with more than one cast for sex at once?
162. Needed your eyes checked from watching Rocky so much?
163. Engaged in bondage with a cast member?
164. Caused/gotten pregnant with a cast member whom you weren't married to?
165. Suffered severe mental trauma due to something Rocky related?
166. Actually fucked 'in the back row'?
167. Actually fucked 'in the back row' with a cast member??
168. Gotten a STD from a cast member?
169. Given an STD to a cast member?
RHPS Mistakes!!!
Ralph's mother (a brunette woman) and father (a bald man with a white tuxedo) run up to be in the wedding picture twice.
The chalk heart that Brad draws on the church changes shape in different shots.
Janet's purse in 'Dammit, Janet', moves places when she puts it on the ground.
The Transylvanian with the Hors D'oeuvres during Time Warp puts it down in one shot, and in another shot suddenly has it again.
Columbia's hat is on the ground immediately before her tap-dance, but when she starts dancing, it's on her head.
The red carpet mysteriously disappears for Columbia's tap-dance.
When Janet faints at the beginning of Sweet Transvestite, a different hand is raised to her head in different shots. Also, she continues to scream even after she has supposedly fainted.
Brad's shirt is unbuttoned in one shot, and then buttoned again when Magenta is undressing him.
The position of Rocky's arms and the types of moves he's doing change in different shots during Charles Atlas Song.
Eddie's bracers disappear at one point while he is rolling around on the floor with Columbia.
There is blood in the freezer before Frank attacks Eddie with the pick.
While he's activating the magnet, Frank starts to raise his left leg, but when the camera shot changes, his right leg is lifted.
The first shot of Dr. Scott going up the stairs shows a piece of carpet turned over by the wire pulling the wheelchair.
While Rocky is proposing a toast to Janet, Riff's hand can be seen pulling the napkin out of Dr. Scott's glass, yet he pulls it out again a few moments later.
Riff serves Brad a slice of Eddie in a close-up of Brad, and then again in a wide shot - yet Brad only ends up with one slice on his plate.
In 'Planet Schmanet, Janet', Frank pulls down Janet's bra strap, but it's back in place in the next shot.
The tattoo on Frank's arm is washed off in the pool during the floor show, reappears for the last bit of the floor show, is washed off again at the end of the floor show, and is on again at the end of I'm Going Home.
Brad and Janet are helping Dr. Scott out of the castle without a wheelchair, but Dr. Scott is laying on a broken wheelchair (or is it a bicycle?) during Superheroes.
The Criminologist says that this all occurs on a "late November evening, "yet Richard Nixon's resignation speech is on the radio in the car. Nixon resigned in August. So what's the deal? Was the radio doing a re-broadcast? Did Brad and Janet go through a Time Warp? If it was Nixon's original speech, why were Brad and Janet talking, rather than listening to it like good clean-cut American citizens? And what's with the copy of The Plain Dealer? Its date doesn't seem to match anything. Many explanations could be theorized about, and any number of arguments could be made, but my personal opinion is that nobody really cared. For you Americans, do you know what was the last year that Margaret Thatcher served? These were Brits making a film set in the United States, and I doubt too much research or attention was placed on what the Criminologist said compared to what was on the radio. Most likely, the speech was on there to give a sense of the period, and the paper to give a sense of the location - i.e. 'Apple-Pie Midwest America". Possibly, the speech was also included to give a "feeling of foreboding."
This is often-times a much debated topic, yet the explanation seems simple. The concern is mainly that according to the clock during The Time Warp, it was midnight when Brad and Janet arrived, yet they had dinner a few hours later, and when they left, it was Still dark out. This is compounded by the fact that the clock chimes more than twelve times. Many various explanations have been given. Some claim that they arrived earlier than midnight, others say that time had no meaning in the castle. Nobody seems to be able to accept the idea that perhaps Transylvanians don't keep the same dinner schedules as Earthlings. Well, here's the chronology for you, so Shut up about it already. The wedding was in the late afternoon. By the time Brad and Janet stopped dancing and Singing, and got around to changing clothes, getting a bite to eat (White Castle perhaps?), and heading off to see Dr. Scott, it was well into the evening, perhaps around 10:00 or so. When the car broke down around 11:00, they had to walk back several miles in the dark and the rain, so it took a good hour for them to arrive at the castle. Everything between their arrival to the end of the Creation Scene is in "real-time and so Rocky ends up being born between midnight and 12.30. After a bit of sleep (perhaps an hour), Frank seduces both Brad and Janet. Since Frank is the wonderful lover that he is, this takes up a bit of time, putting Janet's seduction of Rocky well past 3:30. Dinner happens around 4:00, after which the Cast is Medusaed, and Frank prepares for the floor show. The floor show begins at around 7:30, making Rocky seven hours old, and by the time the castle blasts off, it's just around dusk (it *is* November in midwest America; it takes a while for daylight to happen).


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