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Important info and updates

This is basicly where I tell your important info about updates and things to come.

I am also now not accepting anything about pokemon... well the only thing I'll accept is coments on Draco and that's it.

8/11/99- I am so sorry my picture gallary isn't up yet, don't worry I'm working on it. and just as a side note, the poll dose work now.

4/18/99-I did some things to my art studio, I like pictures.

4/10/99-I took out the bio page (that sucked a**) can't curse, oh well it still sucked, and also a thing you should know is that my poll dosn't work, so don't use it until I tell you it's fixed...k

4/6/99-I added a second part to my art studio, this is my biggest part so it needed more than one.

4/5/99-I started my spring cleaning with adding different MIDI's to the backgrounds of my sites.

4/2/99- I added small stuff today not much, I did add Back Home buttons to most of my pages.

4/1/99-added more pictures to my picture gallary (isn't Aeris cute) he he ^-^

3/31/99-added Draco's Nursury to my page, isn't he cute ^-^...and I added more pictures to my picture gallary, and I put up a poll.

3/25/99- added "important info and updates" page, and "Bio" page.

3/24/99- put more pictures in picture gallary, and another banner was added.