Draco's Nursury
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Welcome to Draco's Nursury

this is draco the dratini, I hatched him myself...he he ^-^. anyways Draco likes company so visit him often.

draco is now 14 days old

3/31/99-I introduced him to my friends baby pokemon...Squirt jr.
a sqirtle at my friend Wartotal's site, andBlade
a pikachu at my friend Sabershot's page.

4/2/99-Draco went swimming for the first time, Squirt (the protector of Sqirt jr.) showed him how to. after a while he didn't wanna leave. Wartortal got Squirt to get him out of the pool then we left. we met up with Sabershot and Blade and had pizza and italian ices. we than went home, and went to bed.

4/6/99-Draco and I went to Blockbuster and rented a bunch of movies, we invited Blade and Squirt jr., we ordered pizza,chinese, and sushi, and had a great time, we all said bye and went to bed.

4/10/99-today we went on a trip to New York City. Draco wanted to go to only two places, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State building. I sudjested China town. we did go to all the places, but unfortunetly we had to go. so we went home.

4/11/99-today we went to the pedestrian cafe' ( a local cafe'), Draco had some tea and a pice of Carrot cake. the music was great there (and so were the food and drinks). by the time it was 6:30 we had to go, on the way back we went to KFC for dinner. we went home than and went to bed

4/12/99-oday Draco and I went to the Great Escape (a theme park in NY). We went on the rollercoasters and the such today (Draco liked the Boomerang roller coaster) that was basicly our day, after that we went home.

4/13/99-AAAAAHHHHH Draco ran away(above is just a picture, it dosn't mean he's here) I'll begin the search, I'll tell you if I found him, until than keep on coming as often as you can to see if I found him.

this pokemon is not to be copied, nither are the other ones, if we (the pokemon baby owners) find out that you have oh boy will you get a woopin!!!! besides that have fun visiting Draco and the others..k ^-^.

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