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My Gourd Items

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Here are some general ideas of things I make with gourds. Please email me with specific inquiries for now. Very Soon, I will be adding more specific items and order info.

NEW! Free E-Postcards of Gourds! Choose from one of several original art gourds from this site and send it to a friend or loved one as a free e-postcard with your own personal message! There are Halloween, winter, and holiday cards available now, and more to come soon!

Price ranges on these items can be pretty drastic, because they depend on the size and design of the gourd or item, and the work and time involved. If you are interested in one of these items, please let me know either the size and/ or your desired price and I will get back to you soon with the exact price.

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Birthday, Seasonal, and Customized Gourds.
Just about any gourd can be personalized with a name or special message for a very small additional fee, woodburned into the design. Wish someone a happy birthday or holiday. I also try to consider just about every design request. At additional cost, I have done gourds with people's houses, etc. Birthday gourds are illustrations of the Cherokee Moon that most closely corresponds with any birthday (for example, June is sometimes known as the "Month of the Green Corn Moon"). The list of moons IS back up on my Cherokee Moons Page. Here's an example of a customized gourd I did for a December birthday. Prices are the same as all art gourds according to size and design, with a small additional fee for personalization. Please inquire for more information.

Vessels - Baskets
Baskets are mostly medium-large bushel gourds. The tops are cut off and woven with grapevine and twine. Smaller baskets are also available. Both are very popular decorations. Email me if you have questions about specific uses. One Example- Grapes and Vine. Another Example- Sun and Moon. Larger baskets, depending on size, time, design, and availability of materials, range from $35 to $150. Smaller gourd containers (ranging from 3-6 inches or so) range from $10 to $30.

Wall Hangings/ Mandalas
These are cut-out circular pieces of gourd in many sizes that are burned and painted, then decorated with hanging feathers and fetishes on beaded hemp or suede. People at craft fairs often call them "dream catchers," though there are obvious differences. A suede or beaded hemp loop is at the top for hanging on a wall, in a window, or anywhere. I tend to sell out of these first at events. Here is an example- "Healing Circle." The size describes only the diameter of the gourd piece, not the feathers, etc. Larger ones 6-20 inches across gourd) range from $25 to $60. I also do small ones, 3-5 inches across the gourd piece, for $15-25.

This is one of the most popular uses for dried gourds. Birdhouses are cut with a hole/entrance and cleaned out (some seeds and organic material are left inside because birds really like it, but are not visible). I do them in all sorts of designs, but I often put "Welcome" in Tsalagi letters over the opening. I cover the design with a protective laquer to protect it from the weather. They have hemp twine loops at the top for hanging. These range from $20 to $60, depending on size and design. If you are unsure about size, let me know what kind of bird you're hoping to attract, and I'll do my best to help.

Ornaments and Holiday
When my mom started doing gourds, she also always did Santas, so I'm carrying on that tradition as well! Ornaments are small (3-4 inches tall) gourds designed to look like Santas or elves, or small gourds with winter or holiday scenes and designs. Choose between regular hook hangers or hemp loops. These are extremely popular. Most ornaments are $10. Lots of examples of these will be up by November!

Pipes and Waterpipes
It is traditionally common to have a pipe for personal use as well as ceremonial pipes and so-called peacepipes. Waterpipes are usually larger bottle gourds, generally at least 8 inches tall and on average a little more than a foot tall, sometimes taller. The neck is cut and contoured to make a smooth mouthpiece, and water goes in the large round bottom part of the gourd, with a stem and bowl on the top/front. A small hole is drilled in the back at the base of the neck for a carb. I do these in Cherokee designs only, and they include traditional chants and prayers having to do with smoking. They also come with a story card and care and use instructions. Of course, they are intended only for the legal smoking of tobacco. HERE is an example. The stem and bowl are not present in this picture, but they fit in the mouth of the sun.
I started doing these because of personal requests, but I very rarely make one. It is extremely time- consuming and labor-intensive, and good materials are increasingly difficult to come by. I will still consider making one if requested.

I only have a couple of these left and may not be making any more for a while. Medium sized, beaded with seeds, designs on neck. $30.

Pins, Earrings, Barrettes, and Magnets
Pins and Magnets are small round, oval, or square- cut pieces of gourd with sturdy pin or magnet backing. Any design I do on gourds, I can also do on pins and magnets. These are very popular. Many more examples coming soon! Hair barettes and earrings also available. Please see my Jewelry page for more information.


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