Conspiracy Theories

These are odd little observations I've made about Gundam Wing. They are strange and scary to ME! Not for the faint of heart, but if you wish to enter my insanity you are more than welcome!

None of these have any basis in the reality of the series. They're just observations for my amusement and insanity, as well as fanfic fodder. Do you have a conspiracy theory? Send it to me!


Misao, the daughter of Hilde and Duo?

They're spunky, she's spunky!

Look at them! They're all so perky and cheerful. She got the black hair from Hilde and the hairstyle from Duo! But wait?! Misao lives in the Meiji era and Duo and Hilde live in the future you say. Well, yes. But! As always I have an explanation. *Hears collective groans from the audience* You see, Hilde and Duo were hanging out at Preventers HQ with their baby and suddenly there was an explosion from the T-T (time-travel) division and the baby was sent back in time and adopted by the Oniwa Banshuu. *Taa-daa!* Okay, that was probably my lamest explanation ever, but time travel is possible, and they do look an awful lot alike. 

*Authoress ducks the kunai thrown in her direction*


Relena, the reincarnation of Sailor Moon?

Submitted by Endre (See, I'm not the only person who thinks like this ^_~)

Relena is  the reincarnation of Sailor Moon (ie: Neo-Queen Serenity) Oh come on, nobody else sees it? Let's look at the facts: She's got blonde hair and blue eyes. She seems to be obsessed with pink. She randomly whispers/shouts/says the name of the guy she is so totally obsessed with (gack). Said guy despises/avoids her for large parts of the series. She does a bit as Queen of the world for goodness' sake! Anyway, I can so totally see her being called "Bunny". And there are so many interesting things that could happen *Endre grins happily, imagining Heero and that dumby Mamoru attempting to kill each other.*

*Authoress grins happily too, before Cape-boy and Spandex-boy start to chase her and Endre* 

Mr. Winner, Noin, and Trowa related?

Look at the hairdo! It's genetic or something.

But let's be semi-serious. Let's see what we know about Mr. Winner. This guy head a very rich family in the colonies. He has 29 daughters (test-tube babies) by different women. (I would not have thought him a player, but it's always the one you least suspect.) Now, not much is known about Noin's parentage. Why couldn't Noin be one of Mr. Winner's hoard of daughters? Zechs changed his names to protect his family name when he joined OZ, why couldn't Noin have done the same? As for evidence: she seems very fond of Quatre when they work together, and he seems very fond of her as well. Moving along to Trowa. In the Episode Zero manga we see his parents (their silhouette at least) But! Suppose, just suppose, that at sometime his parents were on the L4 colony and they had a little tiff, and Trowa's mom went off mad and meets this really nice guy. They have a few drinks and voila she gets pregnant. (By magic of course!) She goes back, her and her hubby reconcile and everything's peachy keen. He thinks Trowa's his son and everything's okay. (Well, until the bad stuff happens.) Evidence: This is also why Catherine had violet eyes and Trowa has green. That's how they are all inter-related *nods nods* and this is how the hair gene is spread! It's not mousse, it's genetics!!!

*Authoress runs from the nice men in white coats*


Heero and Treize related?

The eyebrows, look at the eyebrows!!!

Okay, so you can't see the eyebrows that well in this picture, but they both have the forky-end eyebrows and brown hair (Okay, so according to sources Treize has platinum blond hair and Heero has moss green, but you know.) They are both very determined in their objectives, and will do about anything to make sure they are seen through to the end. Also, we don't know who Heero's parents are, and Treize (being nobility) probably has a rather large spanning family. It's not that unlikely. (Alright, it is, but this is my insanity!) I wrote a fic about this actually, called Black Sheep. (Oh, that was just shameless plugging even for me.) Oh, they're both great fencers and cute as heck!!!

*Authoress gulps and runs as Heero points a gun at her and gives her the deaths-eye glare*


Is Dorothy, Zechs' real little sister?

Long blond hair, nuff said!

I just think that Dorothy looks more like Zechs than Relena does. Long flowing blond hair, similar profiles, really odd outlooks on life you don't quite understand until the end of the series. Justification: Zechs wouldn't want to put his real sister in danger. So he sets up a decoy i.e. Relena to keep his real sister, Dorothy, safe from harm. Also it's stated that he and Treize visited Dorothy quite often when she was young. So it's not that far-fetched... well, not in my world anyway. Besides, it'd be a terribly interesting fic revelation. Tee hee!

*Authoress runs the hell away from the sword-wielding Dorothy*


What happened to Mrs. Darlian?

I personally wouldn't let my daughter go try and save the world!

This drives me insane. What ever happened to this woman? She seemed really nice, and seemed to love Relena a lot. Now, if I were Relena's mother, regardless of adoption, I would not be letting her go off alone to find some guy that threatened to kill her. Or if I did, she would be taking a fully armed guard. In episode 7 (I think) Relena is shocked by seeing Heero's Gundam destroy the craft General Noventa is on and backs up, knocking a a vase off the railing. We see the vase coming down as if someone's watching it and then darkness. So somewhere Mrs. Darlian is in a coma. Poor woman.

*Authoress runs from the real commando Mrs. Darlian*


Hilde and Noin sisters?

Look at them!

The first time I saw Hilde I thought it was a picture of a young Noin. They have the same hairdo, are both in love with men with long hair and pretty eyes. Both are peaceful, kind, can pilot a mobile suit, and do stupid things for love. (I have discerned that doing things for love is a genetic trait. Again, in my world) There is the whole Noin is Italian (Lucrezia, I love that name) and Hilde is German. Maybe! There parents got divorced, the Italian father got to keep Noin, while the German mother moved to L2 with little Hilde. *grin*

*Authoress runs from an enraged Hilde and Noin*


Dorothy and Quatre siblings?

They're both really blond!

Okay, so this one is odd even for me. But I stand by my insanity! Anyway, Quatre has 29 sisters, right? Maybe Dorothy is one of them. Maybe she was sent to live with Duke Dermail because of bad behavior. He thought the Duke would straighten her out. (Bad move, really bad move!) Now, when she saw Quatre she became enraged with sibling rivalry and that's why she stabbed him. (Are there any siblings out there who hasn't at one time or another thought about just letting their sibling get it? I mean let's be honest here. I like my sister, but at times...True, Dorothy was a bit extreme, but still.) Dorothy was just like 'Dad liked you better!' and showed Quatre who wears the pants around here. I'll let you all in on a little secret. The only reason I did this one is because I wanted to use the above pic. ^_^ I thought it was a good reason!

*Authoress runs from Zero system Quatre, and continues running from Dorothy*


Rasid and Wolverine cousins?

The hair, the pose, the oldness!

I'm going to be murdered for that old comment, but oh well! Anyway, look at their hairstyles? How many people in their right/left/middle mind would/could get their hair to do that, naturally. We know nothing about Rasid or Wolverine's past, so why couldn't they be related? They both seem like the 'manly men' type. They're at least drinking buddies. *Funny mental picture of Rasid and Wolverine getting absolutely smashed* But really, that hair has to be hereditary on that dad's side or something.

*Authoress runs like crazy from Wolverine*

*Authoress is caught by various 'displeased' people and promptly beaten/slashed and otherwise dismembered* Ouch!!! *Authoress is now dead! But thank you much for reading!*


Chance: *looks up and sighs* As the authoress is now quite dead due to her own stupidity it's time to go back. Also, not that I have anything to do with this idiot, on the next update, when I get around to resurrecting her, she will discuss: Quatre and Zechs, long lost brothers? Lady Une's duality: fact or fiction? And anything else that strikes her fancy or that you submit.

 Gundam Wing is property of Sunrise and Bandai, I think. And Wolverine is, of course, copyright of Marvel comics. If the original artists or companies want me to take it down I will. Don't sue me! I'm in college, I have no money for legal actions! I'm not making money off this anyway, it's just for a lark.