Quatre's sisters!

Quatre has 29 sisters, right? But we only see one in the series, and sometimes authors create others to help fics along. *looks away and whistles* This is a page dedicated to his sisters or at least the people that I think look like they should be his sisters, and those created solely for the purpose of ficcing. Submit a sister?



Iria: This is Quatre's real sister (In other words she was actually in the series) She's a doctor on a resource satellite, I believe. She is really kind and caring to her brother, she even gets injured saving him. Many fics portray her as crippled because to the incident, and I think I read one where it killed her. But I hold that she's still alive and waiting for her brother to come home and lead a 'normal' life. (She's one of my favorite female characters)

Jasmine: Hey, she's Arabian! *Is forcefully stopped from breaking into a chorus of Arabian Nights* Evidence/Insight: Her and Quatre are a lot alike. They both don't want to disappoint their fathers, but they both say screw it and run away to find themselves. Also, I'd love to see them do a duet to 'A Whole New World'. (Character from Aladdin)

Haruka: She looks like him! Evidence/Insight: Haruka is very tomboyish, she could be the big brother Quatre never had and in her spare time be Sailor Uranus. Oh, and both her and Quatre play the piano and tend to be paired with the people they work closely with. (Character from Sailor Moon) *Puts up her Haruka and Michiru forever sign*

Yui: She looks like him too! Evidence/Insight: Both her and Quatre have friends with brown hair that talk and eat too much. *Duo and Miaka, silly!* I just put her here because of the looks, but I'll try and think of more. (Character from Fushigi Yuugi)

Dr. Ritsuko Akagi: Well, if one sister is a doctor why not another. Evidence/Insight: Hmmm, I really have no reason for Ritsuko to be here other than I saw that pic and thought she looked a bit like Quatre. (Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Kotori: She's so sweet! Evidence/Insight: Stepping further into my insanity I think her and Quatre are twins separated at birth. They're both blond, sweet, and have things with their hearts. Quatre has his space heart which tells him when bad things have happened and Kotori has a heart problem and is a dream seer. Hmm, interesting fic idea. Anyone? (Character from X)

Michiru: It's the violin! Evidence/Insight: Michiru is my favorite Sailor Scout *Sailor Neptune rocks!* and that's why she's here. *Yes, I am biased* But besides that both her and Quatre are very polite and refined. But as I said it's that they both play the violin. ^_^ (Character taken from Sailor Moon)

Siduri: This is a character my friend made up. She's a bit off in the head and has green eyes and red hair. "Siduri has the determination and intelligence of Quatre. She can plot things out to the fullest. Unfortunately, she usually uses that intelligence to plan out pranks, but hey! She's still a sweety."

Submitted by Eponine

1) Filia Ul Copt (from Slayers Try). She looks like Quatre and is nice like him. Though, she isn't the nicest to a certain trickster priest. ^.^* She is part beast (Well, dragon, since she can change into it).

2) Jessica de Alkirk (From Lunar; Silver Star Story). She took looks like Quatre, and she is nice. She is the priestess of Althena, is nice (except to those pervs who have her bromides) and she is to be the next ruler of Merbia. Jessica is half beast, half human...notice has the priestesses are half beast.

3) Maria Tachibana (From Sakura Taisen). A male figure was killed in war, and it changed her, same with Quatre. Quatre's father died and he went a little insane. ^.^* Maria is the commander, and Quatre does lead them at the end.

4) Iris Chateaubriand (from Sakura Taisen) Okay, she may be a bit young, but she does hate fighting. She also comes from a rich family, like Quatre, and she is just so gosh darn cute!

Submitted by Endre

Aino Minako: (Character from Sailor Moon) There's more here than just the appearance, in the anime, Mina-chan is often seen as the team sweetheart: she's cheerful, vibrant, and caring and is really good with children (even Chibi-Usa who's a royal pain in the butt!) She often goes out of her way to help, whether it be her sick friends, or just a little girl who's getting picked on for believing in Sailor Moon!
In the manga, Sailor Venus is the leader of the inner senshi, who manages to unite 3 quite different and very independent individuals who had never really fought as more than that before, in an effort that could save or damn their cause and world. Sound familiar to anyone else?


This picture and the top one are altered from pics found at ~illusions of innocence~