I was reading my books *shock* and thinking *even more shock* about the different ways that Death is personified in them and how much I absolutely adore them. There are so many different ideas, and they all make the 'grim reaper' seem very appealing/amusing/personable. And that really fascinates me. So this page is a shrine to my favorite Deaths!

~Normal Death~

Death of the Endless ~ From Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' comics.

~Written for this page by Sanguis~

Take out your mental image of Death. Toss away that scythe (doesn't like dressing that way!) and get rid of the all encompassing robe. Underneath which, of course, is a beautiful gothic woman. Her skin is as pale as the moon, her eyes, black. Her clothing: A black, form fitting tank top, and equally curve hugging black jeans, complete with belt. There's even a black swirl by her right eye. She keeps her power in a silver ankh, strung around her neck. Yep, that's right, Death symbolizes her power with the symbol of life - that's important you know.
Everyone meets Death at least twice. Once when they die, and once when they are born - but usually no one remembers that meeting. And there aren't any silly rules that govern her job. Everyone gets one lifetime; be that lifetime fifteen hundred years, or be it eighty. She can take people or leave them as she wishes, and is very good at her job. Once every hundred years, Death even gets to spend a day alive!
Now, take out your mental image of Death's personality, and burn it. Death is cheerful and loving. In fact, she loves everyone. She watches Disney, and quotes Mary Poppins. She feeds the pigeons and gives advice about living to her little brother, Dream. She's just precious.

~Cheerful Death~

Shinigami ~ Duo Maxwell; from Bandai & Sunrise's Gundam Wing series; OAV; and Movie.

~Written for this page by Sanguis~

God of Death? Sounds a lot better than a hero who commits mass murder! No joke. Duo is the most cheerful and alive of five fifteen year old boys who strike out from separate colonies, to save the freedom of their homes from the oppression of war. He travels about in a GIANT mecha (machine. Robot like thing with armament and human piloted) that has some lovely missiles and one hell of a sycthe. It's thermal powered, and huge. It even works under water. The mecha's name is Deathscythe. Sometimes he calls it Shinigami. Other times, he calls himself that. It's the Japanese god of death.
Duo himself is about five feet four inches, with blue-violet eyes and a braid of shining chestnut coloured hair so long it reaches his knees. (Did I mention that he's hot?) Choice of clothing? Well, in the beginning, he's in a priest's shirt, and these odd black trousers. All black. Later on, it's a black jacket, black jeans and boots, and a crimson shirt.
He had a terrible childhood, and managed to turn out to be the world's best clown. He's always making a joke or smart ass remark. And grinning. One of his best known lines is: "All who see me, must die." Because everyone he ever loved was killed. He grew up an orphan. His best friend led a rabble of youths until a disease killed him, then the youths, including Duo, went to Maxwell church. There, he became family to Father Maxwell, and Sister Helen. Who were later killed, as well. Sad, angsty, and oh so joyous all at once.

~Cliché Death~

DEATH ~ from Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels

~Written for this page by ME~

Okay, take the Americanized scythe toting image of Death from so many hours of TV and give it the oddest, naivest personality you ever can imagine. Add that to a house that is effectively frozen in time, give him a servant named Albert, a like of cats (oh yeah, he's cool!), a voice that makes him talk LIKE THIS, and a room full of life-timers (hour glasses filled with our lives) and you have Death. At least Death of Discworld. 
Death is an anthropomorphic personification created by the magic saturated Discworld. He's a seven foot skeleton with pinpoints of blue flame for eyes. If you look into Death's eyes (eye sockets at least) it's like looking into the depths of eternity. Death remembers everything, even the stuff that hasn't happened yet. He rides a normal white horse named Binky. (After all firey steeds tend to set there bedding on fire, and skeletal ones tend to fall apart at the most inopportune times) Also there is the Death of Rats, which is part of him, yet separate.
He is a very curious individual and definitely not the ruthless, evil, life-taker of myth. He is very curious about humans. To the point where he has adopted at daughter (she moved out and has a daughter), taken on an apprentice (Mort, whom his daughter married since he was bad at the job), and tried to have a normal house (tried being the word there). He also has a granddaughter named Susan. He really wants to understand us mere mortals, but that's pretty hard when you don't have our short-livedness, sense of humor or balance. Fascinating individual!

~Assassin Death~

No picture! Wah! Anyone want to do fanart!?

Death ~ Edward; of the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton.

~Written for this page by Sanguis~

Edward is.. Edward. Around five foot nine inches, blonde, thin and muscular, like. Handsome. He's also an assassin for hire, who rarely goes for less than thousands. He used to kill humans, but they got boring, so now he kill supernaturals. Vampires, were-creatures, fairies. you name it. He loves a challenge. Edward also always makes certain he can see his victim's face. Yes, he's a sociopath, and ruthless. That's why the supernaturals call him Death. He does things like skin a were-swan and send the skin as a gift to Anita, or fry a few vampires with a flame-shooter. Big plume of flame - poof!
Officially, he's Ted Forrester, bounty hunter. Immaculate police record. All around sweet, fun loving guy. Un-officially, he gives Anita presents like mini-uzi's and sawed off shot guns. And offers to protect her against the assassins taking up the million dollar contract on her head because, "I figure I'll get to kill more people guarding you. If I take the contract, I only get to kill you."
Edward doesn't seem to have many friends. Anita, whom he threatened once, but ended up laughing - even if he really was serious about killing her if she didn't cooperate. And Harley - who was insane. Saw everyone and everything as a demon, and was killed by Anita.
Fans of Edward have said many things about him:
"Cold Bastard." - Scathach
"Wonderful! .. He's my favourite." - Dobhran
"I'd [like to] try to kill him." - Gwydion
"I'd marry him! If I could figure out how." - Delirium


Chance: *grins and agrees about Edward* It's done. You can go back now, or forth or sideways. Whatever. Oh yeah, major, major, major times a million, thanks to Sanguis (if you haven't noticed yet, clicking on the nick will get you to her page) for writing up about Death, Duo, and Edward. You're a babe, babe!