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Aylalei's Awakening

Some of the most important parts of my life!

  • Religion
    My Religious Beliefs

  • The ones I breathe for!
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    This page is under construction, and it is my first attempt to build a web site! Book mark it, please, and come see what changes I'm adding! :) Also, let me tell you now that you will see links to Witch/Pagan sites here. You will see pentacles and pagan images in the religion area. You will find a chat room where you can meet and talk with other pagans, but please keep it friendly! Please do not judge without reading first. For example, some say I worship Satan because they see the pentacles. I do not. The pentacle will be explained, fully, in the religion area. Please do not judge what you know nothing about. If we all follow this, the world would be a much better place for everyone! May the Lady and Her Lord bless you who enter this site!

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    Places I go on the net most often!!

    Bodacciea's Journey
    Witch/Pagan Resources and an AWESOME chat room!
    Find friends, direct message, real time chat!
    Raen's page : )
    All kinds of interesting products