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Happy Birthday To You!!!

Welcome to All-A-Smiles Birthday Page!
Today is your birthday and you have come here to play. So pull up a chair, grab your mouse, and enjoy your stay. Click on the links to see what they're all about, and take a look at your gemstone before you check out. Find out the weekday on which you were born, and Sign My Guest Book if you found this page to be fun.

What's your Birth-Month's Gemstone?

Guessing Game ~ See how many tries it
takes you to to guess what number
the computer is thinking...

Select your Zodiac Sign...

then Click here to learn about it...

Ask Mr. Smiley ~ In case you have any questions
about your future...

Click on your sign
to get your Daily Horoscope

Aries Taurus gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Mr. Smiley's Card Trick ~ Let Mr. Smiley show you
an AMAZING Card Trick...

Daily Joke ~ To get a laugh on your birthday
go here and check out the joke of the day...

Find out what day of the week
you were born!

Birth Date:
Day of the Week:
A child born on this day...

World Birthday Webpage ~ Go here to add your birthdate
to the World Birthday Webpage...

A Dog ages 7 years for every
1 calendar year. How
old you are in dog years?
To find out...
Enter your age:

Your age in Dog Years is:

dMarie Time Capsule ~ Go here to see what the
world was like on the day your were born...

How old are you EXACTLY???
Enter your date and time of birth to see.
Year Month Day
Hour Minute Second

Accurate Normal
...Years Old
...Days Old
...Hours Old
...Minutes Old
...Seconds Old

The Slide Game ~ See how fast you can solve this slide game. Make it even more challenging and try the harder levels...

More Smiley Fun ~ If you want more Smiley Fun,
go here and check out all of All-A-Smiles's Games and Greetings.

I hope you have enjoyed this Birthday page...

...BUT if you really hate smiley's and
you would much rather spend your birthday
somewhere else, then checkout Dan's World .

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