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The Smiley's Pages


These are links to the Smiley's Greeting Pages. Feel free to send these links to any one who you think needs a smile to brighten up their day. So far there isn't many choices. Hopefully the Smileys will be a bit more productive and create a few new pages soon.

~ Mr. Smirky's Birthday Wish ~

~ Mr. Grinner's Birthday Wish ~

~ Mr. Frowns' Birthday Wish ~

~ Mr. Smiley's Christmas Wish ~

~ Mr. Grinner's Christmas Wish ~

~ Mr. Frowns' New Years Wish ~

~ Mr. Frowns' Holiday Wish ~

~ Mr. Smiley Virus ~

~ Mr. Smiley's Rough Day ~

~ Nothing yet ~

~ Nothing yet ~


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