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Below are links to what I consider some of the best Robert Patrick websites on the WWW. If you have a website that would fit any of the categories on this page, please send me your URL, I'll check out the site and if the content is appropriate, I'll add your site here.

Robert Patrick Official Site
Thank You Robert Patrick
The Robert Patrick Shrine (english)
Into The Blue (italian)
The Many Roles of Robert Patrick (english)
mr. INTENSITY (english)
Robert Patrick Fan Network (english/german)
the Patrick Philes (english - hasn't been updated in a long time)
Robert Patrick Fan Page (japanese)
Robert Patrick Online (english/german)
Robert Patrick Estrogen Brigade
Lance Henriksen vs. Robert Patrick

Here is a small listing of websites dedicated to the films Robert has starred in (or will be starring in).

Pavement - 2002
The Faculty - 1998

John Doggett related links

Addicted To Doggett
The Doggett Dames
Ein Herz fur Doggett
The Love Shack

Doggett Fanfic Archives

Anne Hedonia: Doggett Tales
Doggett & Scully Funny Fanfic
XFMU - Doggett & Reyes Fic
spookycc's X-Files fanfiction

Mailing Lists

Addicted To Doggett - A list for Doggett fans. XF discussion revolving around the Doggett character. Share your thoughts and dreams about Agent John Doggett. Discussion about the actor Robert Patrick is also welcome. You will also be alerted to "Addicted To Doggett" site updates (when it matters the most).

SHODDS - Slobbering Howling Obsessed Dana/Doggett Shippers. If you like the X-Files. And you like Dana Scully and John Doggett - as friends or (even better!) a couple, then you've come to the right place. Afterall, we're all about the two of them and their relationship. So, grab a lifepreserver and hop onto the Doggship!

PATS - Organized fan efforts, info sharing and discussion of Robert Patrick.

Robert Patrick Pics and Fics - This is a group for discussion about Robert Patrick, sharing photographs of Robert Patrick, and fanfic based on any characters Robert Patrick has played. No real person fiction allowed - so no fic about RP - just his characters, please. VCR alerts, sharing of pics, tapes, and just all kinds of chatter are encouraged.