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I don't profit from spending week days and weekends working on this website. All images are used here without permission from their respective copyright owners. No copyright infringement is intended. If I should be "sued", it would be a wasteful event because I'm flat assed broke and can barely afford to buy Mountain Dew from the vending machine, sad, I know.

This website, it's operators and any content (not specifically contributed by fans' personal experiences), are not authorized.

The wonderful actor, Robert Patrick may not be contacted through this site or through me. In fact, he probably never even heard of me before. If by chance he's reading this, i'd like to say "Hi Robert!". Where was I... oh yeah. I am NOT Robert Patrick so don't write to me as if you think I am. It not only is embarrassing to you, but it is wasteful of my time and inbox space.

Thank you for reading this disclaimer. For something a bit more professional sounding, read the disclaimer at the bottom of every single page on this website. Danke!