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Here you will be able to find articles that I've saved about Robert Patrick (some are interviews!). If you would like to contribute any articles on Robert Patrick that you do not see on this site, please send it to me, I'll give you credit for sending it in :) Make sure to put "RP article" in your subject heading.

Scully's New Man
Robert Patrick joins The X-Files

July 20, 2000 - by David Germain
The Associated Press

Robert Patrick Joins X-Files
2000 - by Unknown

Patrick is the "X" Factor
November 2000 - by Marisa Guthrie
Boston Herald

What A Character!
2000 GistTV
by Christine Champagne, Mike Everleth and Diane Snyder

Doggett Determination
Winter 2000 - from XF Magazine

The Running Man
May 2001 - by Chris Bell
FHM Magazine

The Voice of Experience
Robert Patrick on The X-Files

2001 - by Ian Spelling

Robert Patrick Speaks
2002 - by Unknown interviewer