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created on 13th of January 2005

1. Use a square paper, measuring 14"x14".

2. Turn it over and fold the two edges, about 2". Squash the triangular corner.

3. Then fold it into a bird base, making sure that the squashed part as the head of the rooster.

4. Swing the top flap upwards.

5. Squash both the triangular flaps

6. Narrow both the squashed flaps.

7. Fold the squashed triangular flaps.

8. Close the model from left to right.

9. Outside reverse-fold the head part.

10. Pull out the loose squashed part hidden inside.

11. Stretch out the loose flap and tilt backwards and crimp as seen below.
      This is a bit difficult part to do but after doing a few times, you'll be able to get it.

12. Petal-fold the beak part of the rooster.

13. Rabbit-ear the petal fold to form the beak.

14. Crimp the comb.

13. Outside reverse-fold the tail part.

14. Outside reverse-fold the tail part again.

15. Pull out the hidden loose parts.

16. Crimp the end part of the tail.

17. Inside reverse-fold both the legs.

 18. Inside reverse-fold the legs again.

19. inside reverse-fold the tips of the legs to the claws.

20. The completed rooster.

The Rooster