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Photo Diagram of An Eagle

1. Use a sheet of square paper, with the white side facing you. Fold the paper
                                                                            into half. Squash the left side to form a water bomb.

2. Now squash the side of the paper. A water bomb is ready as shown below.

3.Squash-fold the right triangular flap.

4. Petal-fold the squash fold.

5.Swing down the petal fold.

6.Repeat the same process on the left flap from No.3 to No.5.

7.Swing up the petal fold and fold about 45 degrees down as shown below.

8. Rabbit-ear the folded triangular flap.

9.  Close the rabbit ear from the right side.

10. Repeat the process from No.7 to No.8 as shown below.

10. Open the flaps between the two rabbit ears.

11. Valley-fold both the edges.

12.Mountain-fold the center of the model.

13. Pleat-fold the wing part down as shown below.

14.Repeat No.13 behind.

15.Inside reverse-fold the wing part to narrow it. Then mountain-fold the loose left corner of the wing part. Repeat behind.

16.Open up the model from behind as shown below.

17. Valley-fold the bottom edge of the model.

18. Mountain-fold the loose triangular flap down. Close the model.

19. Stretch the legs to the right to make them longer.

20. Crimp the head part to form the head and crimp the tail part.

  21.crimp the head part to form the beak and crimp both the legs  and shape the wings. Shape the claws and shorten the tail by yourself.


The completed Eagle