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1. Use a sheet of  any or coloured paper, 8" x 8", with the white side on top. Divide the bottom half into four
equal parts

2. Pleat-fold the bottom half of the paper.

3. Then pleat-fold the top half.

4. With the creases given, narrow the bottom pleat fold to form the front leg..
Repeat the same process on the top pleat fold.

5. Pleat-fold the centre of the model.

5. Stretch out both the folded edges of the model on the left side. See the picture below.

6. Valley-fold the left side of the model, pressing out both the top and bottom edges.

7. Swing the left triangular flap to the left with a valley fold.

8. Valley-fold the top and bottom loose flaps.

9. Fold the model into half.

10. Crimp the left side of the model to the hind legs.

11. Outside reverse-fold the right side of the model.

12. Outside reverse-fold the head part

13. Crimp the neck part to form the ear parts.

14.Crimp the neck part again in order to shorten it.

15. Crimp the body to raise the head part.

16. Pleat-fold the ear part to form the ear. Repeat behind.

17. Crimp the left flap to form the tail.

18. Crimp the top of the tail part to raise the tail.

19. Crimp the front leg. Repeat behind. Narrow the tail with a mountain fold.

20. Outside reverse-fold the tip of the mouth and then crimp the mouth. Rabbit-ear the ear. Repeat behind.
Crimp the tip of the legs. Repeat behind. Narrow the hind leg with mountain folds. Repeat behind.
Outside reverse-fold the tip of the tail. Shape the body with  a sink fold. Done!

21. The Completed Bunny