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1. Use a sheet of square paper, 10"x 10". Fold the top and bottom edges to the center. Then crease the paper into four
equal parts. Insside reverse-fold all the four corners as shown below.

2. Inside reverse-fold both the left corners.

3. Mountain-fold the model into half.

4. Inside reverse-fold both sides of the model.

5. Sink the top 1/3 of the top half as shown below.

6. Inside reverse-fold the bottom triangular flaps up

7. Crimp both sides of the model.

8. Rabbit-ear both the triangular flaps. Repeat behind.

9. Petal-fold the left triangular flap. Refer to the diagram below.

10. Here is the petal  fold, viewed from the back.

11. Pleat-fold the top loose triangular flap of the head to form the ear. Repeat behind.

12. Crimp the head part to form the nose. Outside reverse-fold the tip of the tail.

13. Crimp all the legs. Inside reverse-fold the tip of the nose.

14. Shape the tail and the neck. Shape the tips of the legs to form hooves

15. The Completed Pig

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