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    1. Make a waterbomb first.

     2. Squash fold the right flap. Turn it over and sqaushfold the right flap, too.

     3. Tuck the top protruding flap in. Look at the next figure below.

     4. Rabbit ear both the bottom sides of the tucked-in flap.

     5. Narrow the rabbit ears.

      6. Turn the model over.

      7. Lift up the loose center protruding flap and petal-fold it

      8. Then bring it down to its original position.

      9. Narrow the sides of the petal fold from the top of the model.

    10.  Turn the model over  with the top of the model nearer to you.

     11. Pleat-fold the head part of the model. Narrow the head part.

     12. Valley-fold the center of the model.

     13. Valley-fold the top wing from the left to the right. Repeat behind.

     14. Now you have to do the rest of the work. Look at the picture below.
          Pleat-fold the head part to form the beak. Out reverse-fold and shape the tail part.
        And shape both the legs.

15. The completed Seagull

Created by TPkong