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Folding A Butterfly

1. Use a sheet of square paper, 9'' x 9'' and fold it into a preliminary fold. Then Valley-fold the the top layer up.
Repeat behind.

2. Fold the right triangular flap to the left with a valley fold. Repeat behind.

3. Valley-fold the top layer of the model in half.

4. Valley-fold one quarter of the top triangular flap.

5. Repeat the process of figures 3 to 4 for the bottom layer of the model.. Then turn it over.

6. With the creases given, ( tp fold)  narrow the bottom triangular flap. Repeat behind.

7. Swing the top left flap to the right with a valley fold.


8. Turn it over.

9. Swing the top left flap to the right with a valley fold.

10. Fold the top triangular flap into half with a valley fold.

11. Fold 3/4 parts of the top triangular flap upwards with a valley fold.

12. With the creases given, (tp fold) narrow the small triangular flap.

13. Valley- fold both the left and right traingular flaps up.

14. Turn it over.

15. In order to change the position of the model, swing it clockwise down, as shown below.

16. Pleat-fold both the left and right triangular flaps.

17. Turn it over.

18.With the creases given, stretch out the small triangular flaps on both sides as seen below.

19. Valley-fold the model into half .

20. Valley-fold the top layer of the model to the right. Repeat behind.

21. Open up the model as shown below.

22. Narrow both the antennae with mountain folds.

23. Shape the bottom flaps with the given creases. Curve the antennae.

24. The Completed Butterfly.

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