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The KCOBA is currently seeking several volunteers to participate in its mentoring programme at the school. This initiative began a few years ago and initially took the format of old boys adopting a form at The Melborne Park Campus. These old boys would have a session with the boys one morning per month. The programme was relatively successful with between ten and twenty old boys participating on a regular basis. A few forms on the Student Campus were also adopted. At our Annual Reunion Dinner in November 2001, one can recall that current Headboy, Nembhard commented on the positive impact Stratton Palmer had on him five or six years ago in the many motivational sessions the President had with his 2nd form.


This year the emphasis has shifted to "one-to-one mentoring" of students who have been identified by the guidance councillors. In this regard the KCOBA is currently seeking suitable volunteers to undertake the responsibility of mentoring students. Volunteers should have the time and energy required for the task. The major objectives of the mentoring programme are: to support the student in finding the motivation, discipline, insight and life skills to move forward and achieve; to assist in diverting the student's disruptive behaviour into projects and extra curricular activities which encourage a sense of personal achievement and possibility; to support teachers in discipline and also to support the student's learning by encouraging a sense of self worth and discovery.


Initially, about twenty mentors are needed to mentor twenty-five students who have been identified so far. To date less than ten volunteers have come forward. We need your support now. Old Boys and others who are interested in joining this important and critical programme should contact the guidance councillors at the school, Mrs. Shiela Hoosang and Mrs. Sonia Watson or Dr. Cedric Lazarus 2nd VP President of the KCOBA who is co-ordinating the programme.


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