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KC-Dave's Chiefs Videos For Trade


WARNING: Do not trade with anyone that uses the nickname "elwayed" or the email address "".

I am only interested in the following Chiefs games:
12/25/71 - Dolphins at Chiefs (the complete game)
8/27/83 - Chiefs at Bears (complete, including last 5 minutes)
12/18/88 - Chiefs at Chargers
8/17/91 - Lions at Chiefs
8/22/96 - Chiefs at Bears
8/28/98 - Rams at Chiefs
8/23/01 - Chiefs at Jaguars
8/31/01 - Chiefs at Rams
8/10/02 - Chiefs at 49ers
9/2/04 - Chiefs at Cowboys

If you don't have any of those games I probably will not be interested in setting up a trade. Possible exceptions for something spectacular that is not already on my list, or maybe an upgrade to a game I have. I've been trading a long time and I'm no longer interested in helping other traders build their collections unless there's something in it for me. Sorry, but this hobby has nearly run its course for me.

NOTE: All recordings are available for the viewing enjoyment of private individuals. I do not wish to profit from trades, only to have the opportunity to enjoy watching the games!

All titles are on DVD. Most games are on 2 DVDs each or more.

Use the links below to find NFL games on DVD.

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The items I will take in trade

Chiefs web sites I enjoy:

The Official Chiefs page
KC Chiefs Radio
101 The Fox - the radio home of the Chiefs
Arrowhead Pride
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