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Grave Digger, 162 NE Kansas

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Last Updated: 07/16/03 9:20pm CDT

Hello, And Welcome! CB radio's has changed dramatically over the years, They to have 23 Channels, now we have 40, plus USB (Upper Side Band), and LSB (Lower Side Band). Alot of people think CB Radio's are something you need a license for, boring, or why CB when I have a cell phone or house phone? Well there are lots of reasons people still use CB Radio's! The challenge to Talk far using airwavs, Meet new people, A hobbie (good for keeping kids out of trouble, sometimes with CB's that don't work when playing games with it), Or just lonely and need someone to talk to, Emergencies, Traveling (local Information). There are tons of things they can be used for but I'm not going to name them all. I have met Lots of Interesting people over the CB Radio, and come to find out, there hard working people just like you and me! But mind you, Just like the (internet) chat rooms, There are Assholes out there, But HEY! Life Goes On! I say if you don't have a Radio, GET ONE! Please Take the time to visit my other pages, You may find them Useful, and helpful!

Please sign my CB Handle Log Book, You can have your Handle, Call#, Channels, Freq. Ect. Posted on the Handles Page! Don't forget to Vote for the Top 100 CB Radio Sites, Just click the link at the bottom of the page!, Thank You.

N.E. Kansas Live Doplar Radar!

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This CB RADIO Net Ring is owned by GraveDigger - 162 North East Kansas


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