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F.A.E. Events 2018

The Foundation For Aeronautical Education will be participating in these upcoming 2018 events.

NON-MEMBERS are always welcome at our Fun-Flys. We hope to see you there! Free trial flights are available for you and your family. Please contact Greg Inkmann at (785) 272-4722 for access to the field or to set up your free flight!

Open Meeting site 6:30 p.m. first Monday of the month. Non- members welcome. Billard Airport, Terminal Room 4, Topeka, KS.

FREE TRIAL FLIGHT Contact Greg Inkmann, at 272-4722 ( and we will let you fly our club radio controlled trainer (5 foot wingspan) at our flying site. YOU CAN’T CRASH. (We use a buddy-box system that is like driver’s ed.) This intro flight is free and provided by the Foundation for Aeronautical Education Inc. 501-C-3.

May 12th, Saturday, Jayhawk MM open Lawrence

June 2nd, Saturday, 11am - 12pm, Reily county fliers Manhattan Combat Air Museum show tell demo
build rubber band ac 1-3

June 8th, Friday, 11:30 - 1, Suzanna Wesley church show and tell

June 9th, Saturday, 11am - 2pm, Heartland Military Day at the Air National Guard museum, show and tell -Ronald McDonald house fund raiser, show and tell

June 16th, Saturday, Berryton NEKBSS Open Air Show

June 23rd, Saturday, Jayhawk Float Fly, Lawrence

July 1st, Sunday, Rotary club at state capitol Educational Fair 9-3 show tell demo
Combat air museum show tell demo, 11am – 12pm
build rubber band ac 1-3

July 15th, Sunday, Jayhawk Electric Fly-in, Lawrence

July 28th, Saturday, CCRC Warbirds over Perry

Combat Air Museum show tell demo, 11m – 12pm.rd build rubber band ac 1-3

August 12th, Sunday, Show and tell at Hobby shop National Model Aviation Day , Open to public to fly trainer free with us 1-9 Sat , Sun

August 21st, Tuesday, CAP show tell demo indoor and out

August 26th, Sunday, Hillsdale lake fly in sw of KC

September 15th, Saturday, NEKBSS John Dalton memorial, Berryton. All size planes.

September 22nd, Saturday, Jayhawk Big Bird Fly-in, Lawrence

September 30th, Sunday, Don Kamphaus memorial at Perry- Cap City

October 6th, Saturday, FAE Brat fly. (rain date = October 7)

October 7th, Sunday, Reily county fliers manhattan

October 14th, Sunday, Downtown Science fair and Washburn Space expo, show, tell and fly

September 28th, Saturday, CCRC Warbirds over Perry

January 1st, 2019, Tuesday, new years day fly in at lake perry, us and perry club, hot food and warm shelter, set up at 9 fly at 10. pray for snow, event happens regardless of weather!

Monday, December 31st, 2018 @ Midnight, Freeze Fly @ River field. Be the first to fly in 2019!

days 'til the Freeze Fly!