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Welcome to the Foundation for Aeronautical Education, Inc.

About The Foundation:
ATTENTION VIEWERS: WE HAVE MOVED!! Our new website is; If you have any trouble with this new website please contact Greg Inkman at (785) 272-4722.

The Board and members of the Foundation for Aeronautical Education would like to thank you for your interest in our club. Links and useful information will be added soon. Please contact Greg Inkmann (below)for more information about the Foundation.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to establish an educational organization that brings youth and adults together in a nurturing environment. We use our presentation of model aviation to foster personal growth, decision-making skills, self-confidence, and respect.

Vision Statement
We will strengthen the community through the personal growth we encourage. We will learn respect, courtesy and technical skills and pass these values on in a positive fashion.


Under 19 years old, free flight instructions, insurance & club membership.

Over 19, 60 days free flight instruction & insurance.

Free Radio Controlled Trial Flight with a 5' Wingspan Airplane
You can't crash, we use a buddy box system like drivers ed.

The Foundation for Aeronautical Education hosts events throughout the year to foster learning about aviation. Follow the 'Events' link below to see our schedule.

For more information please contact Greg Inkmann at (785) 272-4722 or email him at:

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