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Rothenburg, Germany

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Bonita, Whitney, and I along with our friends, Perry, Bev, and Emily took a train to Rothenburg and stayed the weekend.  Here are a few of the many pictures we took while we were there.  We had a great time and we are already planning our next trip!  The first picture is of the train pulling in to the station at Mannheim.

Here is a view out the train window.

This is in Rothenburg.

This is at one of the entrances to the city.

The rest of the gang!

This was taken between the city wall and the Italian restaurant.

Here's one of Perry taking a picture of Bev.

Another point on the wall, Whitney posing.

This was taken at an Italian restaurant right inside the city walls.

Here's a view out the Italian restaurant window

Walking down the street to shop & sightsee.

Check out this house!

Shopping in one of MANY stores!

Arrival at Market Square.

Different views from Market Square.

The clock building.  Can you see the two people in the windows?

Guess what they are looking?  The picture to the left.

Another view from Market Square.

So much to see, so little time!

We had to go through here to get to the Market Square.

Bonita, Whitney & Dwaine, inside one of the Christmas Stores.

Bev and Perry inside the Christmas Store.

Whitney in front of the Christmas Store with her new friend.

Window shopping!

More window shopping.

Break Time!

Perry & Dwaine

View of another street.

One of walk ways.

Perry & Dwaine on the bridge

Dwaine on walk way to bridge.

Bev, Dwaine & Perry on bridge.

They locked us out! Wait, they locked us in!

Those two got out of hand, but Perry and I fixed that real quick!

Inside a small mini mall!

Us walking around the city wall.

View from city wall.

View along the wall.

Outside view from city wall.

The sports store, where Bev and I bought our new coats!

Bev, Perry, Bonita & Whitney in front of the main city church.

Inside the church.

Inside the church.

Bonita & Bev inside church.

Alter inside the church.

Manger scene.

Time to go home.  This is at the Rothenburg train station.

We had seats on one of the trains home.

On this train there were no seats for us.

We all had to stand!

Yes, even me!  I tried to get Bonita to let me sit in her lap, but that didn't work, because she didn't have a seat either.

On the last train, we got a seat!

We almost had the whole car to ourselves.