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The Black Forest

Waterfalls at Triberg

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Entrance to waterfall at Triberg

Across the street from the waterfall entrance

The walk up

Whitney & Bonita

Pause for another picture

Do you see Bonita & Whitney on the bridge?

Dwaine, can I take this rock home?


Who took the picture?

This is not on the waterfall trip, it is in Triberg.  You know Bonita will always find a place to spend money!

Time out for Whitney

Can I have a time out too?

View looking back down the trail

Dwaine & Whitney on rocks

Whitney posing for a picture ("Dusty on her mind")

Worth the walk up

Whitney - being herself!

Top of the waterfall - about a mile walk, all up hill

You can park at the top and walk down - however that is not as much exercise!