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Bitche, France

Whitney wanted to go to France.  She had no idea where,she just wanted to go to France.  I remember hearing about this place called Bitche, France, but I could not remember what was there.  Anyhow, one day we decide to go and see what was there.  When we came around the curve... low and behold the picture to the right is what we saw.  Trust me the picture does not do justice.  We made it to the top and went inside and toured the citadell.  We wore headphone that told us about the place in English.  Very interesting and lots of great views!

Citadell de Bitche, France

On the way up.  She Whitney's headphones?

Inside the old stables

Taking a rest after touring the inside

Bonita playing "hide and go seek"

Inside the museum.  The suit of armour is smaller than Whitney

View looking down at the soccer field and other old ruins at the other endof the field

Another view looking down at the city from the citadell

Is it real or a picture of a model?  Actually it is real