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Bonita's Company Christmas Party

Quinton where are you?

Company Employees


Bonita and Dwaine

Dave says we work for love!  ha ha

Bonita's BIG boss "Dave" and his wife Inga.

Bonita's boss "John" and his wife Irene.

Fred and Tammy

Gela and Christel

(Nothing happens without them!)

Jackie and Terry

Martina, Raul, and Tim

Whitney wishes she was drinking wine!

The infamous "Walter"

Whitney...... Houston?

Hey!  Everybody, look at me!

Golden & Whitney before the Christmas Party.

I know John is up to something!

Hey, I brushed my teeth....see.

Jackie, Martina, and Irene

Michael... the "Stud"

Raul and Martina

Dwaine and Bonita

Bonita, Golden (our daughter-in-law), Dwaine, and Whitney

John and Irene

Kelly and family

Nuria and Family

Paula and Wayne