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2003 Harley Rides


Dwaine & Bonita at St. Goar.

Dwaine & Bonita at Leonardo's

Our gathering before Paul leaves.

Stopped for a bite to eat.

The place in the back ground always has a bathroom!

Follow the leader through town.

Nice ride and great weather!

Bonita's taking pictures as we ride.

We stopped for a coffee and cake.

Getting ready for the ride across the river.

Gas time!

Hi, Mom!!

Morning of St. Goar ride.

Stop along the way to St. Goar.

A cigar and Diet Coke break!

Have to pay for parking.

Group photo on the way to lunch!

Scenes from the castle.

Riding along the Rhein.

Other riders out enjoying the weather.

Where is the Esso?  About a half mile up the road!!!