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Bama Kennel Owners Page & Photos

Welcome to Bama Kennel's Owners Page. We hope you enjoy our web site.

I started in my humble beginnings in dog showing when I purchased my first show dog "Sparkie" a Dalmatian....I had so much fun with her during her short life as she passed away at the age of 3 yrs with colon cancer....I had one litter with Sparkie and had fun showing her babies and continuing my Dalmatian line..

I received my first beagle "Pretty" we call her "Granny" now and that was it! The beagle breed stole my heart and I went into showing and breeding beagles. I had my first litter and had 3 AKC Champions from that first 2nd litter I had 4 puppies and all 4 of these puppies have AKC Championships and 2 are Hound Group Winners.

I received my judging provisionalship in Beagles and Jr Showmanship from AKC in May of 2007 and I am enjoying the judging side of dog showing.

Eng. Foxhound 1st Specialty (Black Tie)

Karen at Eng. Foxhound Specialty

Tim outside at the Eng. Foxhound Specialty