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(founded 1999)

          We have arrived!   After months of deliberating, a group of us have decided to band together as an official group of Uilleann Piper's in the Mid-West.  We have had only one gathering, but that is enough to get the ball rolling.  In the months to come we will be filling this site with plenty of info about club activities and local goings on with relevance to piping and Irish music. 

(full Lynch concert set in D) 

       Kevin Popejoy has been kind enough to supply some excellent photos of his Kirk Lynch half set in D.  The set is made from cocobolo with nickel silver finishings.  I have broken the pictures into differnt pages for your convenience.
                     Entire set                        Chanter                          Drones

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Knotwork graphics are borrowed, with permission, from:


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