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76 Nova Concours

Finally found the password so I can update. I know its been four years. The Nova has under went a drastic change. I'll have new pics up soon. The spring of 2001 I decided to completly tear the car down. It sat in my parents back yard on bricks for two years. Last fall I finally had time and money to get it back together. I hope to get this website in to shape as well. Thanks!

  • UPDATE 6/16/04 - The Nova is almost ready for the road. I just have to get her aligned and get some new tires. The 327 runs extremly strong. I was cruising it around town after I broke the engine in, and these kids were walking down the street. They gave me the international "get on it" symbol with their hands. That 4dr kicked hard to the left and left a long pair of black marks down the street. I wasn't even on it that hard. SOoo I can't wait to get this thing finished up and take her to the strip!

    UPDATE 8/25/04 - The Nova has again taken a back seat to other projects. My 88 Caprice(daily driver) took a crap on me so I rebuilt the 4.3 in it. I know its a V6, but I love the gas mileage, 25 mpg(yes out of a boat). I couldn't leave it alone either. I have a Crane HI6-S digital ignition and PS2 Coil. A Crane CompuCam roller cam. I ported the heads as well. It's 40 over. Last week before school started I finished up almost everything on it. This weekend I am heading home from college and going to get it done. The addition of an ignition and a better cam profile really makes a 4.3 run great. The throtle response is awesome. I just have to hook up the A.I.R injection system, power steering pump, and the new Hooker Aerochamber muffler. As for the Nova it's still about where it was in June. Work kept me to busy, and now school and work will probably destroy any chance to work on it in the near future. Hopefully not, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Under the Hood

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