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Respess Mammoth Site

Shown above are Amanda, Allysa (Sunshine), and Jessica Respess.

This was their first time fossil hunting. The site they visited had already produced a partial Columbian Mammoth rib, found September 1, 1999. The site doesn't have an official name, so I thought naming the site after the girls would be appropriate.

I hope this excursion into the great outdoors, has sparked the paleontological interest in these fine young girls. A young age is the time to mold the interests of the future. Hopefully, I have in some small way contributed to their future in the sciences.

This site is evidentally going to be an ongoing collecting site. The bones are located in a "washout" about seven feet deep. So, because of the continual erosion taking place at the site, the rapidity of the erosion will be checked at six month intervals to ascertain if other bones have been exposed.

Please enter the site now, and I guarantee you won't get dirty or attract any "ticks", who were willing to join you for the ride.

One of the problems amateur paleontologists face is lack of documentation. I probably have "overkill" in that department. I take pictures with both a film camera as well as digitally. So, I have many more pictures than I can use on this website.

These pages are very graphic intensive, so please allow time for the site to download.

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