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If you only want to listen to the music from all these rooms, please go to my ..::: Music Room :::.. by clicking on the Juke Box


A Father's Gentle Touch Luther Vandross Aimes-Moi                   Claude Barzotti Amazed By You             Lonestar
A New Day Has Come     Celine Dion All By Myself                Celine Dion An Old Lady's Poem     Henri Mancini 
A Step Too Far?                  Elton John & Adame All The Woman I Need   Luther Vandross Anytime, Anywhere     Sarah Brightman 
A Tender Moment            Gorgio Morroder  Always and Forever         Luther Vandross As Long As You Love Me Back Street Boys

Baby Surrender To Me       Lara Fabian & R. Marx Bailamos                       Enrique Iglesias Brave Heart's Theme       Enya
Baby's Home                      Barry White Born In Time                           Eric Clapton Butterfly                           Kevin Kern

Color My World                James Pankow Colorful Garden                Unknown Author Come, Make Me Forget    Dick Rivers

Dances With Wolves          Yanni & Enya   Dolphins                           Group 2000 Dream River                     Unknown Author
Deliver Me                         Sarah Brightman Don’t Let Go                 Bryan Adams & Sarah Mclachlan Dreaming Of A Car         Jan Hammer
Desiderata                           Les Crane  Dreamcatcher              Secret Garden Drowning In Your Love         Back Street Boys
Dedicated to Gerriden    Christina Aguilera Dreams                              Boyz 2 Men        

Every Time I Close My Eyes Baby Face & Kenny G Everything Is You             Boyz 2 Men Eagle's Flight                  Roland Hanneman     

Face To Face                      Unknown Author Feelings                              Jim Brickman Forever In Love                Kenny G
Faith Of The Heart                 Rod Stewart First Time I Saw Your Face Celine Dion From Here To Eternity    The Righteous Brothers 
Falling Into You                 Celine Dion Flying Without Wings     Westlife  Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Sarah Mclachlan
Fantasy Land                    Lady Lewllin Forever For You                Hall & Oates    

Gentle Kiss                         Group 2000 Good Morning Beautiful    Steve Holly Greatest Story Ever Told Oliver James
God Must Of Spent A Bit More Time On You            N'Sync Goodbye My Love Goodbye Demis Roussos       

Happy Christmas               Celine Dion  Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman               Bryan Adams How Could An Angel Break My Heart                                  Toni Braxton & Kenny G
Have I Told You Lately       Van Morrison Hero                                  Enrique Iglesias                  

I Believe I Can Fly                  R. Kelly I Need You                          Mark Anthony If Tomorrow Never Comes Westlife
I Believe In You                  N'Sync I Need You Tonight          Back Street Boys If You Are Not The One  Daniel Beddingfield
I Could Fall In Love            Selena I Promise You                   Michael Bolton I'll Never Break Your Heart                          Back Street Boys
I Finally Found Someone    B. Streisand & B. Adams I Surrender                       Celine Dion I'm Already There            Lonestar
I Have Always Loved You  Enrique Iglesias I Want To Know What Love Is                          Foreigners Imagine                              John Lennon
I Long For You                    Romma Downings I Want You                        Madona In Dreams                           Roy Oberson
I Love You                         Celine Dion I Was Waiting                     Celine Dion It's Only Love                        K. D. Lang
I Love You                        Sarah Mclachlan                      

Just Close Your Eyes      Westlife Just Walk Away                 Celine Dion        

Kittens                              Cirque du Soleil Kittens 2                            Cirque du Soleil        

Lady                                     Kenny Rodgers Lets Make Love               Faith Hill  Love You Every Second  Charlie Landsborough
Let Me Let Go                  Faith Hill Love Never Dies               Rock Voisine        

Maiden Warrior                Sacred Spirits Music Of My Heart           N'Sync My Heart Will Go On       Celine Dion
Matthew Sheppard              Elton John   My Baby                           Enrique Iglesias My Lifetime Loving You  Mark Anthony &                   Tina Arena
Memory                              Barbara Streisand                     

No Matter What                Boyzone                      

One Man's Dream * Gor * Yanni                           

Peaceful Snow                   Yanni                        

Quit Playing Games          Back Street Boys                         

Reflecting Lady                Unknown Author Relaxation                           Enya Return To Innocence       Enigma
Reflections                         Jim Brickman Remember Me This Way Jordan Hill Return To Love                Kevin Kern

Sealed With A Kiss           Neil Sedeka Sidewalk Cafe                  Bonkers Somewhere In Time           Jim Brickman
Sharing The Fire               Unknown Author Smell Of Desire               Enigma Stoog'Ettes!!                   Westlife
She Believes In Me           Kenny Rodgers Solitaire                           Karen Carpenter Streets Of Philadelphia        Bruce Springsteen          
Show Me The Meaning   Back Street Boys Solitude                           Unknown Author Sunrise                        Simply Red          

Taiko Rolling Thunder  Cirque du Soleil The Gate                           Unknown Author The Wedding                      Kenny G
Taking You Home               Don Henley The Hardest Thing              98 Degrees There You'll Be                Faith Hill
Tears In Heaven                Eric Clapton The Impossible Dream    Luther Vandross This I Promise You            N'Sync
Ten Thousand Years          Nana Mouskouri The Light House                  Just the sound of waves Three Times A Lady         Lionel Ritchie
The Center Of My Heart    Michael Bolton The Miracle Of Love      Eurithmics To The One Who Knows   Yanni
The Color Of Love           Boyz 2 Men The Pale Blue Dot              Jim Brickman To Where You Are            Josh Groban
The Crying Game               Boy George The Prayer                       Celine Dion &                  Andrea Bocelli Truly Madly Deeply        Savage Garden

Un Break My Heart           Toni Braxton Umbrellas Of Cherbourg Guitar Man  Universe                             Yanni

Valley Of The Dolls            K. D. Lang                   

Waiting                               Rock Voisine Whatever We Had We Had Barry White Wolves                           Unknown Author
Walking Away                  Ron Hardiman Whenever You Call            Maria Carrey &                 Brian Mcnight Woman                               John Lennon
What If I Said                Anita Chochran  &                 Steve Warriner Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight           Benjamin Orr           

You Are Not Alone             Michael Jackson You Got It                           Roy Oberson You'll See                            Madona

Music here is 
..::: Sea Of Dreams :::..
..::: The Group 2000 :::..