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Information About our Society

Our Society has over 100 members with wide ranging philatelic interests.  It was formerly named the Kettering Philatelic Society and was a branch of the Northamptonshire Philatelic Society.  The current Society was formed in 1999.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at  Millbrook Junior School, Churchill Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire. 

Junior Section Meeting Time: 6.15pm .

Seniors Section Meeting Time: 7.15pm  

If you are interested in philately and would like to come along to a meeting then please contact me and I can arrange with our Secretary to meet you and then explain a little of our Society.

Stamp Boxes  If you also have an interest in receiving or providing Stamp books for our Stamp boxes then again please contact me.  These boxes of books are stamps that are placed for sale in boxes and passed around any of our members who wish to receive them.  We are always looking for different stamps and covers to buy and providing they are in the recognized approval books and marked clearly they can be submitted to our club.  Please contact me at my e-mail address and I can put you in touch with our packet secretary. 

Dealers  Occasionally we have dealers attending our meeting.  This gives us the opportunity to purchase philatelic material at reasonable prices. 

Coach Trips  We try to organise coach trips to major Philatelic events.  The cost to each person normally just covers the expense of the coach and any parking incurred at the venue.

Speakers  We have speakers attending approximately twice a year the chat to us about about specific areas of philately.  

Members Own Evening  These are meetings where members bring in part of their own collections, chat or sell stamps.

Auctions  Auctions are usually quite a favorite evening with chances to bid for some excellent auction lots.  Our auctioneer is quite an expert at the job and manages to sell quite a lot of good quality material over the evening.

Stock Shop  Each month our secretary sells philatelic items for the philatelist to use.  These range from tweezers through to stock books, stamp hinges and catalogues.

Library  Our library is quite extensive and has been added to over the years.  These enable the members to borrow books without having to go to the expense of having to purchase their own.

Watermark Detector  We have purchased a watermark detector for members use.  This can be hired for a small returnable deposit over an agreeable set period of time.

For further information please e-mail me on: