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On November 5 1985, Janowski's fifth design took wing. Like his earlier designs, the J-5 Marco is a low-powered single seat lightplane with a cockpit pod in front, engine mounted behind, and boom-mounted tail. However, where the J-1B, J-2, and even J-3 were relatively simple aircraft - perfectly suited to the homebuilder with a garage full of wood and a dream - the J-5 is a sophisticated hi-tech thoroughbred.
ModelJ-5 Marco
Wingspan26.5 ft
Wing area67.5 sq ft
AirfoilWortmann FX 67-K-170/15
Length15.4 ft
Empty Weight352 lbs
Gross Weight 640 lbs
Engine25-30 HP KFM 107 Maxi ER
2 cylinders, 2-stroke
Cruise Speed105 mph
Landing Speed48 mph
Max Speed135 mph
Takeoff run600 ft
Glide ratio16:1
Utilizing the latest in pre-molded composite technology and a gorgeous blown canopy, the sleek airframe minimized drag with a V-tail and a sailplane-style retractable center wheel landing gear. Taking further cues from the soaring world, Janowski incorporated a side-stick controller, both spoilers and full-span flaperons for glidepath control, and easily-removable wings for trailering and storage. The canopy was also designed to be jettisonable in flight if necessary.
The state-of-the-art lightweight KFM 107 Maxi ER engine from Italy (two-stroke, two-cylinder) was equipped with electric start and a belt-driven reduction unit and provided up to 30 horsepower. To maximize the efficiency of this miniature 50 pound powerplant, the flaperons were made capable of a reflexed position for high speed cruise.
For those who were less obsessed with absolute performance, the retractable gear could be omitted in favor of a conventional fixed landing gear. This configuration of the airplane also omitted the cranked-down wingtips which had been necessary for housing the auxiliary tip-wheels.
The Marco was put into production in West Germany, and was sold as a complete kit for the homebuilder or as a flying aircraft. Full certification was achieved in Poland, and many were sold in the European market. One notable French pilot flew his Marco all over Europe setting numerous speed-in-class records.

In the US the Marco was marketed by Alpha/USA, who brought the demonstrator N7029G to Oshkosh in 1988. FAA regulations limited the production version of the J-5 to the Experimental: Exhibition category, and the kitplane version to the Experimental: Amateur-Built category. This however is not really a major inconvenience for a single-seat aircraft. Six J5 Marco airplanes eventually made their way into the US, and two are believed to still exist. The Alpha/USA sales brochure is reproduced: here. Another flyer is reproduced: here.

In 2004, a J5 airframe was developed into an autonomous UAV by UK aerospace giant BAE Systems. The HERTI (High Endurance Rapid Technology Insertion) model 1D is configured with the typical single wheel landing gear and a turbojet engine. Later developments of the HERTI use the larger J-6 Fregata airframe.
Doug Crane ( is currently using one of the US-import airframes to develop new power concepts for a light sport airplane - the Crane Fly J-5DC.

US Marcos:

N7029G - Displayed at Oshkosh, August 1988
N66565 - Airworthiness data not listed
N4190J - Sold in 2005 by Pitman Air, Corning CA. Since destroyed & deregistered.
N10EK - Destroyed in a fatal accident, October 1990
N491BF - Currently flying. Owned by Anthony Cirincione, hangared in Ten Sleep, WY
N305DC - Flown in 2006 by Doug Crane; currently undergoing modifications


Marco's J5 Marco project

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Disclaimer: The author of these pages has never built or flown any aircraft designed by Jaroslaw Janowski. All information is extracted from published sources or as noted. Last updated 1/18/15