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Other interesting and unusual aircraft

The J-1 Przasniczka & J-1B Don Quixote
The J-2 Polonez
The J-3 Eagle
The J-5 Marco
The J-6 Fregata

Mr Jaroslaw Janowski of Poland is the designer of a series of light aircraft of relatively unique configuration. Mr Janowski's successes are all the more impressive when one considers that Poland in the late 60's was not particularly supportive of individual aviation efforts. In fact, he was forced to design and construct his own engine to fly the J-1 prototype, using motorcycle cylinders and a handmade crankshaft and case.

Information on Janowski's designs is somewhat scarce in the western world, but several copies have been built and flown in Europe and North America. Please contact the author if you know any of the information presented here to be incorrect, or if you have any further information or experience that you would like to see included. Photos and links are welcomed.

Disclaimer: The author of these pages has never built or flown any aircraft designed by Jaroslaw Janowski. All information is extracted from published sources or as noted. Last updated 03/12/06