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This is my very first interview with someone from the Segaô/Sonic corporations. And it happens to be
Ryan Drummond! For those of you who do not know who Ryan is, he's the voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Dreamcast game, "Sonic Adventure". I asked him the fan questions first of all, so if you participated in the forums when this was around, your questions are being answered right here! ^_^ And I wanted to ask Ryan Drummond private questions for just my knowing at the bottom of this page. I wasn't going to share them with the site, but since he couldn't tell me about upcoming things (Which I totally understand! ^_^), I posted it here. No harm done ;)
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Fan Questions
Ryan: Thanks for the interview! I hope the fans enjoy it! If I missed anything, just let me knowÖ

TFI: Have you ever really got a chance to play the game yourself? And if yes, what did you think about it?

Ryan:Yes, I did get a copy from Sonic Team when it was completed and I think itís a great game! I got to see most of the animation while we were in the studio recording the voices, so I knew it was going to be really amazing. I love the speed of the game play. Believe me, Iíve spent more than a few hours running that hedgehog all over the place! I still have yet to clear some areas. Iíll get to it sooner or later because I want to hear how all the voice work turned out!

TFI: Do you see any similarities between yourself and Sonic, and if so, what?

Ryan: Well, for starters, weíre both blue. KIDDING! Interesting question. I really canít think of too many similarities. Sonic is hyper beyond belief and Iím pretty low-key in person. Also, the voice I use for Sonic is not close to my real voice at all. For those who want to hear what I really sound like, go get the game BLUE STINGER for Dreamcast and listen to the lead character, Elliot. They just used my normal voice for that one.

TFI: Do you own any of the Sonic Adventure merchandise?

Ryan: Actually, I do. Quite a bit of it. But I didnít buy any of it, actually. Friends and fans from all over have sent me all kinds of Sonic stuff. Itís amazing how many different things you can get with Sonic on it!

TFI: Do you do any cartoon characterís voices on TV? How old are you? Whenís your birthday?

Ryan: At this time I donít do any regular voices for television. Thereís always talk of doing something, though, so keep your fingers crossed for me! When schedules work out, Iím sure weíll come up with something.

And since you asked, Iím 27 years old. Born January, 10th, 1973 in Lima, Ohio!

TFI: What about that Ďupcoming level downloadí for Sonic Adventure?

Ryan: Hereís where my hands are tied, Iím afraid. I canít spill any Sega secrets! What I CAN say is that right now everybody is working on Sonic Shuffle, which Iím sure most of the fans know about. Weíve already recorded all the voices for that. Thereís also a lot of work being done on Sonic Adventure 2, but so far itís all that amazing animation. We havenít done any voice recording for that yet. Thatís about all I can say. Sorry!

TFI: Have you heard Jaleel Whiteís voice from Sonic Underground? What did you think of it?

Ryan: Yes, I have heard Jaleelís work for the Sonic Underground series. Heís a talented guy. I havenít talked to him, but Iím sure he probably likes his voice better than mine, and I like mine better than his. Itís just two ways of seeing a character. Itís apples and oranges, really. What matters is whom the fans like, if you ask me.

TFI: If more Sonic games are made, will you still be the voice of Sonic?

Ryan: Most definitely, unless something comes up that canít be worked around, but I donít expect that will ever happen. The people at Sega are great and we all get along very well. Thereís a lot of mutual respect when we work together. They appreciate what I bring to the game and I am constantly amazed at all the great work they do. Count on me providing the voice of Sonic for a long time. ;)

TFI: Whoís your favorite Sonic character?

Ryan: Well, Iíve always had a preference for Sonic even before I did the voice for him! Now I like him even more!

TFI: How big of a Sonic fan are you?

Ryan: Grading on what scale? ;) If I had to guess, Iíd say I was in the moderate range. I like to keep up with whatís going on in Sonicís world, and I love to surf through sites like yours where I can find out what the buzz is. I donít play the game everyday for hours at a time if thatís what youíre asking.

TFI: Whatís your favorite Sonic game?

Ryan: I do love the classics, but I think Sonic Adventure has the highest entertainment value yet! Seeing some of the preliminary animation for SA2, though, I think that will probably be even better. I canít wait to start working on it!

TFI: What made you decide to become a voice-over artist? Are there any future projects youíll be working on?

Ryan: Good question! My backround is really as an actor and a singer. In fact, if you come to San Diego (CA), you can see me in a show there called ďForever Plaid. I sing a whole lot and do another character thatís REALLY different from anything else Iíve done. Check out for details! Fun for the whole family! Ok, enough of that plug. ;) So being from a theatrical backround, voice training has been a part of my education from day one. I learned all about breath control, pitch, vowel placement, etc.. Itís always been fun to see what I can make my voice do. I was VERY lucky to meet the right people in the VO business. Itís an INCREDIBLY hard thing to get into. There are a lot of people who would like to do what I do and many are really good at it. I give thanks every day that I had the good fortune to meet the right people at the right time and have really great auditions! It took time and patience to get where I am now.

As far as ďfuture projectsĒ go, I am lucky enough to be working in VO very frequently. I seem to average a new videogame or some kind of software about once every 2-3 weeks. So my voice, in various forms, is out there quite a bit. Thatís the great thing about VO, if you do it well, someone can hear your voice three times with three characters and never know itís all you! For example, Hank Azaria from the Simpsons TV show. What a talented guy! He does about six voices on that show and youíd never guess that it was all him. Heís an idol of mine. I hope to keep doing more and more VO. I never get tired of new projects!

TFI: Did you get to meet Yuji Naka?

Ryan: Yes, I did, at the recording sessions for Sonic Adventure. What a brilliant man! Very friendly and personable and just SCARY smart. Heís very clear in his visions of what the game should be. Itís always a pleasure working with him.

I hope the fans enjoy this! Good questions! Let me know when itís up on your site so I can take a look at it.

My Questions

TFI: How did you become the voice of Sonic and what state did you do it in?

Ryan: Like many things in the entertainment industry, I had to go through an audition process. Before I went into the recording booth, I didnít know what kind of voice to use. I just kept staring at Sonicís picture on the wall and thought, ďNow if I were playing this game, what kind of voice would I expect to come out of this crazy, blue hedgehog?Ē. Then I walked into the booth and out popped this voice I didnít even know I had in me! The audition went VERY well and 15 minutes later, they came out to the waiting room and told me I was going to be Sonic. I was in shock. It was such an honor!

The auditions and the recording sessions were down in Southern California. I live in San Diego, myself.

TFI: SA2-What about new characters? And the Evil Sonic? And will all the old characters be back?

Ryan: Here again, we have secrets Iím not allowed to divulge! The internet is really the best place to find all the newest info. Sometimes I see things on or fan-sites that I didnít even know about! When the Sonic folk want the public at large to know something, theyíll get it out there on the web somewhere.

TFI: How long did all the VO work take?

For Sonic Adventure, it took me one long weekend to do all the Sonic takes. Iím not sure how long it took everyone else because I rarely saw them. We were all in the studio at different times. I think I probably took the longest, though. I think I had the most lines.

TFI: Will you sign my guestbook? ;)

Ryan: Sure thing! Iíll sign it when I get back to California!