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Alicia Silverstone was born on October 4, 1976 in San Francisco, California, United States. She attended Crocker Middle School and then San Mateo High School. Whenever the Silverstones had time during the summer, they went to England with to visit relatives (mother --Didi-- was a airline stewardess so they got discounts). Alicia's father, Monty, saw how beautiful Alicia was and he started to take pictures, which started a modeling career at the age of eight. Alicia got modeling jobs for YSL, Levis' Dockers, and Marshall's. She also took some ballet classes and won 4th place at a contest. Alicia said modeling was a easy way to make money, but it wasn't what she wanted to do. Alicia wanted to act.

She took an intensive acting class at the age of twelve (sources range from twelve to thirteen) from Judi O'Neill. While in Los Angeles for a showcase, Carolyn Kessler saw her and became her agent and later a good friend. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she attended Beverly Hills High School for a short time (Alicia later received her GDE).

Within a year of hiring Kessler, Alicia got a commercial for Dominos Pizza. After the commercial Alicia got a guest spot on the hit television show The Wonder Years. She then signed up for The Crush. Alicia was legally emancipated at 15 in order to work the long and crazy hours required by The Crush's shooting schedule. "I didn't want her to get emancipated," says Monty. "But her agent kept telling me if she wasn't emancipated, she wouldn't get The Crush". Alicia won Best Villain and Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards for The Crush. After doing The Crush Alicia made a couple movies for television: Torch Song and Scattered Dreams.

Marty Callner, the director of the Aerosmith videos, saw Alicia in The Crush and wanted her for the Aerosmith video, Cryin'. Marty liked Alicia so much, he signed her for two more Aerosmith videos: Crazy and Amazing. Between Cryin' and Crazy Alicia shot another television movie The Cool & The Crazy.

Wasting no time, Alicia went back to work in 1995, which ended up to be very busy. She did Hideaway, Babysitter, True Crime, Le Nouveau Monde, and the surprise hit Clueless.

During the filming of True Crime, Alicia found a dog that was hit by a car and was ill. Alicia took in the dog, Samson, and now it's part of the family. Alicia is a avid animal rights activist. She is involved with several animal rights groups such as The Ark Trust (gives out the Genesis Awards), PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals), and Last Chance for Animals. Before Alicia got her start in the entertainment industry, she waitressed for a time at a restaurant where she is remembered for her daily feedings of all the birds and squirrels who hung out there.

Clueless was an unexpected hit, which catapulted Alicia's career. Alicia won numerous awards for the movie Clueless. After Clueless, Barry Josephon of Columbia Pictures signed Alicia to a two picture deal for $7 million. Alicia took less money so she could produce the films as well.

The first film on the Columbia Pictures deal was Excess Baggage, which she produced with her First Kiss Production Company. Excess Baggage was a success if you ask Alicia, but wasn't a huge hit at the box office. She has also nabbed the role of Batgirl in the fourth Batman movie, Batman And Robin. Batman And Robin also wasn't as huge as some would hope, but did farely well with the box office numbers.

1999 started out well for Alicia with Blast From The Past. Most critics liked the film and called it Alicia come back movie.

Alicia has working on William Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost which will be a 1930's style musical. Alicia has been taking singing lesson for the part. Kenneth Branagh wrote and will direct the film. Carmen Ejogo, Natascha McElhone, Nathan Lane, Adrian Lester, Matthew Lillard, Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola and Timothy Spall will also be in the film by Pathe Pictures, Intermedia Films, and Miramax Films.

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Personal Information

Name : Alicia Silverstone

Birthday : October 4, 1976

Height : 5'9"

Eye Color : Green

Birthplace : San Francisco, CA

Automobile : Ford, Bronco? (Black)

Best friend : Carolyn Kessler, her agent

Religion : Jewish

Favorite album : Purple Rain - Prince


Boyfriend :None

Father :Monty Silverstone, a real estate investor

Mother :Didi Silverstone, a former airline stewardess

Brother :David Silverstone

Pet :Dog, Samson, part rotweiller,pit bull,and doberman

Just A little Information

Her name is pronounced A-lee-see-ah, NOT A-lish-a

Parents are English and she spent her early summers in England

Cryin' was awarded as the Best Video of All Time on the MTV Video Music Awards

She won 1994 MTV awards for 'Best Villain' and 'Breakthrough Performance'; just missed out on 'Most Desirable Female' (lost to Janet Jackson)

Her first commercial was for Domino's Pizza. She wasn't the Noid, she was the daughter.

Recently went through the Forum workshop, where she became friends with Leonardo DiCaprio.

She also played a lesbian coke addict in a play "Carols's Eve."

Film roles she turned down or missed: Missed on My Father the Hero because she was a little bit heavy compared to Katherine Heigl. Missed on Little Women due to age. Turned down replacing Shannon Doherty on Beverly Hills 90210.

Alicia definitely knows how to work her best feature, her attractive, innocent, yet mysterious trademark grin in her work.

Between the ages of 4 and 6, she secretly believed her mother was pop queen Olivia Newton-John and once danced to "Physical" atop her family's coffee table.

She also told David Letterman that she thought her parents were aliens and were going to kill her.

Became legally emancipated at 15 in order to work the grown-up hours required by The Crush's shooting schedule.

She refused to appear nude in The Crush or in any other film to date. A body double was hired for a couple of fleeting butt shots.

She has stood firm on her no-nudity policy, turning down the title role in the still-unreleased The Babysitter numerous times until the filmmakers axed all nudity from the script.

Inquiries about Moize Chabbouh, a hairdresser and frequent set visitor in his late twenties whom Alicia has previously identified as her boyfriend, are stopped cold. "He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend."

Scattered Dreams (1993) (TV) - Phlyllis Messenger
Judith Krantz's "Torch song" (1993) (TV) - Delphine
The Crush (1993) - Darian Forrester
Cool and the Crazy (1994) (TV) - Roslyn
True Crime (1995) - Mary Gordano
Le nouveau Monde (1995) - Unknown
Hideaway (1995) - Regina
Clueless (1995) - Cher Horowitz
The Babysitter (1995) - Jennifer
Batman and Robin (1997) - Barbra Gordon/ Batgirl
Excess Baggage (1997) - Emily Hope
Contacting Alicia Silverstone

Writing Letters

Alicia Silverstone
P.O. Box 16539
Beverly Hills, CA, 90209

Alicia Silverstone
c/o Premiere Artists Agency
8899 Beverly Blvd. Suite #510
Los Angeles, CA 90048











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