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Marshal Bailey's Photo Gallery


Posing with Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

Dr. Temple Grandin made Dodge City Deputy Marshal

Cowgirl Janey and I talking to a Wichita news reporter about the 150th birthday of the cabin where Dr. Brewster Higley wrote the Kansas State Song, Home On The Range.

Always loved riding a good horse.

Posing with Buck Taylor after Deputizing.

Posing with Alan Jackson and Cowgirl Janey after Deputizing.

I recently posed for a painting by world-renown wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester for his book LEGENDS OF THE HUNT - CAMPFIRE TALES as Grizzly Adams. Also, on that day, it was my pleasure to Deputize John as an official Dodge City Deputy Marshal. The finished painting is below

The Finished Painting, 'John and Ben'.

Posing with movie actress Darlene Cates ('Mama' in Who's Eating Gilbert Grape) and her husband Bob in their home in Forney, Tx. after Deputizing Darlene.

Posing for photo after Deputizing television artist Jerry Yarnell.

I can't help it.. gotta have a good cigar sometimes.

Addressing the Dodge City Council during a recent meeting.

Me and my friend Dennis Vaughn of Sligo, Missouri collect rare Hop Bitters Bottles. Asa T. Soule, who manufactured Hops Bitters was a big part of Dodge City history and the founder of Ingalls, Kansas.

Visiting with Johnny Crawford (actor) before the 2014 Longhorn Cattle Drive during Dodge City Days.