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My Favorite Links

Below are a few of my favorites.


The Ford County Historical Society

So, You are genuinely interested in the REAL history of Dodge City and the Old West? George Laughead Jr. has put together the ultimate site on the history of Dodge City/ Ford County that I know of. Take some time and look this over. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it. 


Hank Williams Sr.

Hank has always been a big favorite of mine since I was a very small child. This is my favorite site on Hank Williams. 

Riders In The Sky

Read all about one of America's favorite singing cowboy group.

Partners Of The Prairie

A group of Christian cowboy poets and singers that tour the Midwest. I am proud to be associated with this bunch of fine cowboys.


What can I say? The best western swing radio show in the west!

High Plains Public Radio

My favorite radio station, and home of my western swing program Western Swing and Other Things.

Pioneer-Krier Museum

The Little Town Of Ashland,Kansas is home to one of the best museums in the state!

Marshal Bailey's Personal Website

Go here to learn all about MARSHAL BAILEY & THE SILVER BULLETS, and their new western music CD!

The Clan Baillie

I am Scottish, and proud of it, and this is my clan page. From here you can also find other links of Scottish heritage interests.