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Marshal Bailey's Art Work

Allen's interest in art began at an early age. Over the years he has worked to improve his skills. His art has been seen coast to coast in various hunting magazines, and he has sold many of his paintings commercially as well.

Here are a few that we hope you like.

One More Mile To Mary Ann's

Front Street 1888

This is a recent acrylic painting that Marshal Bailey did of Front Street in Dodge City in 1888, looking from Second Street toward the Sante Fe depot.

The Dodge House

This is a recent acrylic painting of Front Street in Dodge City, Kansas in 1879, from the Dodge House looking West. It hangs in the home of a private collector.

Two Bucks

One of the many cartoons that Allen has had published in sports magazines.

Mill Pond Party

Acrylic Painting that is one of Allen's personal favorites. This one hangs in his home.


This is an oil painting that I did back in 1991 for my son Travis because of his love of cougars. This was my last oil, as I developed an allergic reaction to the solvents involved in the oil painting process. I hope you enjoy.

Answering The Challenge!

A bull elk answers his challenger, a 220 ton steam locomotive.

This painting was done in acrylics. I have always been fascinated with both trains and elk, and so here I have them both in one setting. You can't see it in this photo, but in the steam of the smoke stack, there is a bull elk bugling.

Rural Skies

The sunset dramatically lights the sky as two geese wing their way southward. This was done in acrylics, with a limited pallet.

December Evening Deer

Two bucks make their daily trek from the woods to the winter milo field at sun's setting. This painting was done in acrylics with just a touch of pearl essance here and there for depth.

A Christmas Eve Howdy

This recent painting is a holiday fantasy of mine, to go for a sleigh ride in the late December woods, and stop by each neighbor's home for a visit. This was done in acrylics on a 16X20 inch stretched canvas.

Ham Bell's Elephant Stable

This is a painting that I did to honor one of the most historic sites of old Dodge City, Kansas. Ham Bell's Elephant Stable was one of the most notable livery stables in the Old West. This huge building housed not only the mules and horses of the cowboys and freighters, but also the first horse drawn hearse in Dodge, bedding for the working cowboys on the trail, and an enormous amount of hay and feed. It was named for the old cowboy saying, "I'm Going To Town To See The Elephant!", which was a way of saying, "I'm about to see something fantastic!"

Christmas At The Mountian Ranch

After many miles of riding snow, a young cowboy rides into the ranch for a Merry Christmas Eve with his family. This painting was done in acrylics and hangs in the home of a private collector.

Crooked Creek Camp

A mid-winter night's snow sets in on an Indian village along the banks of Crooked Creek. This painting was done in acrylics and hangs in the home of a private collector.

Cloud Burst

A sudden storm comes ripping over the plains, cleansing the prairies with a downpour of rain. This is an 18x24 original acrylic on stretched canvas. Prints available.

Farmers Elevator, Cimarron, Kansas "My Glory Years"

The mammoth Santa Fe #5010 picks up boxcars loaded with wheat along the siding leading up to the crown jewell of Cimarron, Kansas, The newly built Farmers Elevator. The glow of her welcome beacon can be seen for many-a-mile East and West of town.. one of the very first neon lamps in the state of Kansas. This is a 16x20 original acrylic on stretched canvas. Prints available.