Welcome to The Young Rider History Page. The producers of The Young Riders must have done their research also, because the television show is for the most part historically accurate. There are however a few faux paux, but hey what do you expect it's Hollywood. If they didn't stretch the truth some they would have no audiences. This page is here to show those differences and those likenesses. If you know some thing that I do not please let me know. I am sure that there are holes in my research and if so tell me. I am always open to new concepts of history. I may not accept them but I love theories.


Several myths were added into the show to add flavor and characters to the series they are as follows.
  • Jesse James was by no means connected with the Pony Express.

  • James Hickok did not ride for the express. See facts below.

  • In the episode where Cody cuts the barbed wire fence and knocks down the posts (need episode name) the barbed wire shown did not exist. Barbed wire in that form did not exist until Joseph Glidden invented it in 1874. 13 years after the express ended. There was barbed wire at the time of the express, but it was merely old spurs on steel wire.


Lots of the series was accurate. It is actually a very close rendition of the actual express.
  • The oath that The Kid says in the first episode is a close rendition of the actual oath. also the bible is correct also. Every rider was given a bible.

  • In the first episode also, Teaspoon tells the "boys" that they are to run 75 miles a day. The riders were expected to cover 75-100 miles per day.

  • William F. Cody did ride for the express.

  • There was a girl in the express. So Lou did exist only she wasn't Louise she was Martha Jane Cannary aka "Calamity Jane" This info has been contested. The only evidence that Jane was a rider is by her own words. As you know she wasn't a very trustworthy person, but I am going to believe her just this once.

  • Calamity Jane was friends with James Hickok.

  • James Hickok was a station keeper. I have receieved new info to this statement. This info has been contested too. but I am accepting this until some one can prove me wrong.

  • Hickok and Cody were very good friends. Hickok toured with Cody in 1872-73 in Cody's Wild West Show.

  • Sitting Bull (the supposed brother of Curly in A Good Day To Die) toured with Cody in 1885.


There were somethings about the show that I haven't figured out yet. I have catergozied them the first section is things that I have no historical info on but are uncanny coincidences. The next are things I am not sure about.
  • Ike McSwain loved and understood horses. So did "Pony Bob" Haslam, an actual Express rider. Uncanny.

  • Sweetwater was an actual station but did the boys really live and work there.

Unsolved Mysteries??

There are a few Mysteries that are left unsolved. Some parts of the story that maybe just don't fit. If you have any information about these mysteries sign my guest book or email me
  • Did Curly really exists?

  • And if he did could this be the way that Cody and Sitting Bull met?

  • Was Hickok's sister really named Celinda?

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