The British historian Samuel Butler once said: God can’t change history, historians can!


Here is another example from the world´s greatest country, the U.S.A.,
which is at war already 222 out of 239 years since it´s birth in 1776.

Every year an average of 3.000 children, and adolescent die from firearms in the U.S.A.
That is more than in any other country world-wide. It is the second most common cause
of death for minors, and more than on-duty US police or global military fatalities.

Islamic Destruction of Temples

Unfortunately many temples have been destroyed by moslems world-wide.
So at least 60,300 Hindu temples in India, and Pakistan alone.


The Early Middle Ages (AD 614–911) did not exsist, and these 297 years,
(or very similar amounts of years) were made up arround the world for various reasons !
One of the hardest evidence is the international lack of literature, and genuine,
non-modified tombstones for this timeframe ! But check it out by yourself:

All old races believe in ancestors, forefathers, Gods that came from Heaven, out of space or from the stars.

The French geneticist Dr. Jonard Lucotte could proved in his researches that Adam
was only about 3 ½ foot tall and lived ca. 200.000 years ago in Africa. His result was approved by the Universities from Yale in Chicago and Harvard in Boston.

Small villages with houses made of stone were found in Palestine (14.000 years old),
in Jericho (West Bank, 12.500 years old), and in Catal Hoeyuekin, Turkey (11.000 years old).

The American continent was discovered by the Japanese, which is proved by an
over 5.000 year old small village of the “Jomon” culture located in Ecuador.

A very large labyrinth-like cave system, which is much older then the Maya buildings,
is located in Loltún Canes in Yucatan. The earliest signs of humanity in the state of Yucatan
are a pile of bones of extinct mammals, including horses, dated 11,000-7,500 BC.

Modern scientists proofed that most of the discoveries, theories and creations of
the famous Eratosthenes, Hipporch of Alexandria, and Pythagoras are based
on very old Egyptian knowledge. Today it’s known, that the old Egyptians already had
electricity, X Ray machines, telescopes, and microscopes. Electrical lamps are pictured
e.g. on drawings in the Hathor temple located at Dendera.

According to Dr. Rainer Gersonde, the last high civilisation existed about 2,2 million years ago and was probably destroyed by a meteorite impact.

The impact, which was around 400 Meter high and 700 Kilometres fast, must have released a gigantic wave.
It had the power of 5 Million Hiroshima bombs and about 500 Cubic Kilometres water bond,
2 Billion tons of sea salt, and asteroid dust was flung into the Atmosphere.


The Sethos temple of Abydos (which is the sister temple of the Sphinx temple, which stands in front of the paws of the Great Sphinx at Giza) is the oldest known Egyptian building. It was built between 9.770 and 8.970 BC, and is the place where the body of the God Osiris was up-borne by the goddess Isis. A further secret of the temple of Abydos is the representation of aircrafts, which can be found at one of its oldest cover columns.

The Sphinx is aligned to the astronomical star constellation of the lion, like it was over approx. 10.500 years ago.

In Australia, scientists found over 4.500 years old Egypt relicts. In Egypt, dead bodies of roughly the same age where found who where a Syphilis and other disease,

which, if we believe the historians today, first brought by Christopher Columbus together with Cocaine and Nicotine from America to Europe.

The majority of the Egyptian lists of the Kings start at the first age of human civilization 23.000 years ago with one or more about 3 ½ foot tall God-shapes called „Ptah“, which means “Big skull”.

In Herodot´s (485 to 430 B. C.) book “Historians” (II, 142) he wrote: The Egyptians have proven to me “340 ages”, which means: 3 ages = 100 years.

That would mean that the first Pharaoh lived ca. 14.000 years ago.

Southwest of Sakkara, a plateau (800 x 400 Meters) called “Gisr-El-Mudir” was researched in detail by members of the NASA and Military. Today, this area still is a blocked stock zone.

There is information that a temple existed on this plateau, in which a hydraulic mechanism was used – a mechanism not known to the Egyptians at that time.

The Arabian doctor Abdar-Rahim-Al-Kaisi already reported 500 years ago in his book “Hitat”, in chapter 20, about Mummies in the area of the big Pyramid, with “skin out of leather” and “not human”.

Dr. Jane Sellers proved that Egyptian observations of the Orion star system are dating back to 7.300 years B. C.

In the old Egyptian book “Am-Duat” (writings of the hidden area) the destination during the 5th hour of the journey was the planet “Wernes”. This area is close to the planet

Osiris (also known as “HD 209458”) is 429 “numinous” miles away. That distance is around 8,54 Light-years, what is about the range from the earth to the Sirius System in the old Egyptian language it was called from Jetru to Neter). Seven of the most famous temples in Egypt are targeted towards the Sirius star system.

The Cheops pyramid

The Cheops pyramid was not made from the often-published 2.3 million singular stones but from 590,712 big stone-blocks and has over 200 cavities / chambers.

The pyramid was exactly 146,6 meters high, what is the distance from the earth to the sun in millions.

A couple years ago an over 70 meters deep vertical duct was found under the pyramid. It ends at a room with an underground river and provided a large coffin which is larger then the tunnel’s diameter ! The outside plaster is over 73.000 years old.

Egyptologists and some members of the NASA know that the centre of the Cheops pyramid covers a very high level of radioactivity, with the minimum potency of a nuclear bomb.

(The original Greek name for a pyramid was “Pyro-Myt” what means “Center out of fire !).

In 1993, copper fittings were discovered in the south pit and in September 1996 a door at the end of the pit was supposed to be opened live on TV, with the support of the N.A.S.A. and the S.R.I. This never happened. The entrance to the Pyramid was prohibited for over 17 month in the years1998/9 and many 3,5 tons trucks (first Military and later civilian vehicles) transported away something.

In the year 813, the Arabian caliph Abdallah Al-Mamun found the following items at openings of the pyramid:Unbreakable glass, non-rusting metal and old star maps.

The very similar names of the oldest pyramids are: in Peru: Chuccara, in Babylon: Ciccura and in Egypt: Saccara.

At I-Seki Point at the Okinawa coast is the oldest Pyramid of the world, min. 40.000 years old.


In Tanzania (Africa) an over 2 Million year old village was found, which consisted of stone-houses with a size of 16 square meters.

In La Venta (Mexico), little concave mirrors were found and until today, nobody can duplicate / explain the production procedure.

In Palenque, Mexico, a large stone lies under a temple and on it a human figure is portrayed.

The relief shows an ancient astronaut sitting in a rocket. Over this plate, an over 7 meters tall stalactite (dripstone) hangs from the ceiling.

If we calculate with today's scientific knowledge a growth of 8 to 15 millimetres per 100 years, the age of the temple would be between 46.666 to 87,500 years old.

In 1912 a magnifying glass was found in Heluan. It comes from the time of the Pharaohs, made with Cesium oxide, for which an electrical voltage of 20.000 Volt is necessary.

Later the same magnifying glasses were found in Turkey, Sakkara (Egypt) and in Ephesus.


500.000 pc., around 5.000 years old Assyrian cuneiform script tablets were found in Mesopotamia and translated. The U. S. government released only about 20 % of the knowledge to the general public.

On some ca. 3.700 years-old boards, the creation of Mankind is described: “Let me mix blood and make bones. Let me create the primary creature. Human is his name.

On other script boards we find: I will create a simple worker. He should be in the service of the Gods. These kinds of slavery for Gods was also known in Egypt, were it was called “Adepti”.

The newspaper “Phoenix Gazette” reported on April 5th 1909 that Prof. S. A. Jordan of the Smithonian Archaeological Institute found an Egyptian mummy in Arizona. Until today,

The Institute denies any knowledge about this.

The Old Testament and the Koran were encoded with a numbered system, which officially is only decoded partly today. A very important role of the code plays the number 19. This is

also the case in the Manichaeism (religion found in 216 A.C.) and in other ancient religions.

The very detailed “Piri Reis world map” from 1513 is based on minimum 20 different very old maps. It shows the continents from a view, which is only available from space. The

north cost of the Antarctic is pictured as it was 11.000 years ago. During that time the cost lines change, that means that this part of the map must based older then 11.000 years.

Footprints in solid rocks at Glen Rose, Texas and carvings on Inca stones found in Lima, Peru, showing dinosaurs side by side with human beings. This would mean that both

species once lived together for a while. 500.000 years old Marcahuasi sculptures showing detailed specific dinosaurs, which were extinct 60 millions of years ago.



When 30 years old, Leonardo Da Vinci met Marsilio Ficino, who enabled him access to old manuscripts at the library of the Cosimo de Medici dynasty. Based on this knowledge, a short time later he created plans for: airplanes, submarines, helicopters, etc. Unfortunately he never builds any of his “creations”.

A few years later, Marsilio also provided access to this knowledge to other persons, which, at the end of the 15 century founded the famous „Academia Platonica“ in Florence. A short time later this institution came up with new inventions: Telescope (1609), Microscope (1618), Slide ruler (1622), Thermometer (1641) and Barometer (1644).


The Papyrus Vandier (ca. 664 to 525 B. C.) reports the murder of King Mykerinos (2389 – 2364 B. C.) and the creation of artificial humans:

It is written that about 3200 years ago, Merire of the Nile delta, which was a General, Priest and Magician, could, together (or with the help from) with the god “Ra“, get a Golem to help him with his revenge on Pharaoh Menptah (1193 to 1191 BC). After doing his bidding, the Golem escaped to heaven through a gate in the city of Heliopolis (Egypt).


Ancient surgery

In one writing (ca. 2300 BC) over 48 different Methods of surgery are described. The Neanderthal people already practised simple brain surgeries, 375.000 years ago.


Old knowledge

In Egypt at Nabta Playa, 75 kilometres south of Abu Simbel, a 10.000 years old miniature edition of Stonehenge can be found. It was used as a calendar, as well as a planetary and interstellar observatory.

In 1948, 56.300 years old tools out of metal and 63.000 years old sandals were discovered in Africa. In Zimbabwe a 47.000 years old Copper mine was found.

In New Guinea a 43.000 years old iron mine was found. In Fessan (Africa) a tunnel system with a total length of ca. 1.600 kilometres was found under the sand, which is at the minimum 8.000-year-old.
br>In the Egyptian museum in Cairo a scale model of a sailplane can be seen. It was built in the 3 Century BC.

An over 4000 years old star map made by Sumerian priest shows 10 planets between Mars and Jupiter. The missing one exploded and becomes an asteroid belt. 1950 the Russian astronomer Orlow named it “Phaeton”. The map can be found in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany, under the number “VA/243”. Today the measuring of the distances between the planets can proof the missing of one planet. On the spot were Phaethon have been, the distance is double then it should be.

In Egypt at El-Hosch a small village was found which was built around 6.690 B.C.

In Egypt at Touschka (Lower Nubia) 38 kilometres from Abu Simbel a ca. 10.675 year old temple was found. In this year (8.670 B.C.) the god “Thot” (also known as Djehuti Or appears for the first time in history. He selected seven people and taught them secret knowledge, including the science of mathematics and astronomy, a calendar and

42 holy books of wisdom. After that, they were known as the seven wise people. After the big flood described in the Bible, these seven appear in the histories of nearly all-old cultures. His dynasty lasted to 7,100 BC.

The different Gods

In the first of the three books of the history of mankind, written by the Babylonian priest Beressos, the creation of mankind and the begin of the rule of the gods to the year 442.000 B.C years before the Flood (ca.12.000 B.C.). This matches with the Sumerian lists of the kings: A Lu Lim –First King of Eridu ruled 28.800 years, A Lal Gar ruled 36.000 years, En Men Luan Na ruled 43.200 years, En Men Gal An Ha ruled 28.000 years, Du Muzi ruled 36.000 years, three kings ruled 108.000 years and eight kings ruled 241.200 years.

Some believe that the god “Ptah” was one of 908 Aliens, which came from the Sirius constellation and created the terrestrial primacy through genetic manipulation.


5150 years ago in Newgrange, Ireland a Megalith construction can be found with stones weighting up to 50 tons. The extension of the construction is 298,45 Meters, which is exactly 0,0001 % of the distance from earth to the sun and back. Furthermore, a. e.

The pyramids of China.

Most people don’t know that the country with the most amount and highest pyramids is China.

In most areas where some very interesting pyramids can be found, the admission is forbidden, especially for foreigners.

Some discoveries are:

716 perfectly prepared granite disks with a hole in the centre, which was found in caves at the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, in Qinghai province by an expedition in the years 1937/38.

They have been found beside of strange deformed, 130 centimetres tall skeletons.

Their diameter is approx. 30 centimetres and on their surface are strange double grooves with hieroglyphic-like characters between, which have been translated in 1962. The text says that a spaceship made an emergency landing approx 12.000 years ago and everything the crew tried to get away from earth failed. Two of these disks have been shown at the Banpo museum in Xian.

One, approx. 7.300 years old stone figurine, which wears some kind of diver suit and goggles.

More information can be found in the book: The Chinese Roswell: UFO Encounters in the Far East from Ancient Times to the Present (by Hartwig Hausdorf, Evamarie Mathaey, and Waltraut Smith, 1 Sep 1998)


The city of Hakui is located on the Japan Sea coast 310 miles west of Tokyo.

Legend of Shohachibun

The town, which boasts the most reported UFO sightings in Japan, is steeped in alien folklore and legend.
"There is one legend called shohachibun, which says cymbal-like flashing lights were seen flying from one end of the mountain to the other," said Ishiyama.

"Another legend tells of children being taken away in a big nabe (stew) pan while playing."

But it is the town's ancient Ketataisha shrine, regarded as one of the four main shrines in Japan, that may hold the key to the town's preoccupation with strange phenomena.

"Ancient documents kept in the town's Ketataisha shrine talk about flashing lights in the sky and the hand of god controlling them. The story has been passed down from generation to generation" Takashi Ishiyama said. He is the Vice-director of Japan´s most famous UFO Museum, which is located in Hakui.