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A branch of the World Martial Arts League

The umbrella organization W.I.U.M.A.O. was founded in 2000 by Soke Klaus Schuhmacher,
and offers free lifetime membership exchange for all Martial Arts Organizations, Federations, Associations, Leagues, Councils, etc.

The main purpose of the W.I.U.M.A.O. is to provided a better co-operation between the different
Martial Arts Groups, including: exchange of invitations for events, support of rank advancements and examination, control and acknowle of individuals world-wide.


1. World Martial Arts League 2. International Genkotsu-Ryu Honbu Federation 3. World Independent Tae-Kwon-Do Association 4. World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation 5. World Independent Chinese Martial-Arts Federation 6. World Ba-Zung-Chuan-Fa Association 7. International Sung-Ja-Do Association 8. Tae-Kwon-Do Federation of Costa Rica 9. Korean Hap-Ki-Do Council 10. Armed Forces Martial Arts Association 11. World Korean Martial Arts Union 12. Chinese Martial-Arts Association 13. Jae-Mu-Kwan-Hap-Ki-Do Association 14. Chung-Tao Association 15. World Kenpo & Martial Arts Federation 16. United States Martial Arts Association 17. Intl. Progressive H.K.D. Association 18. International Manabi Masho Federation of Martial Arts 19. European Jeet-Kune-Do Alliance 20. Federation of Tae-Kwon-Do Black Belts 21. World-Wide Tae-Kwon-Do Association 22. National Tang-Soo-Do Federation 23. Nei-Wai-Chia Kung-Fu Wu-Shu Association 24. International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education 25. International Phillipine Stickfighting Association 26. China & German International Wu-Shu Organization 27. United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association 28. International Military Combat Fighting Arts Federation 29. International San Ten Karate & Martial Arts Organizations 30. Way of the Dragon Martial Arts Association 31. Hutton-Ryu International Martial Arts Association 32. World United Hap-Ki-Do Association 33. T.C.B. Karate & Martial Arts Association 34. Associacion Portuguesa de Bujutsu Kenpo 35. Original B.S.K.C. Karate-Do International Organization 36. Siu Lam Hung Gar Kung Fu Association of Italy 37. International Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation 38. International Martial Arts Council of America 39. International Martial Arts Headfounders / Grandmasters Association 40. International Tae-Ki-Do Association 41. Internationale Tae-Kwon-Do & Budosport Föderation 42. International Ju-Jitsu Association 43. Supreme International Sokeship Council 44. American Society of Combat Martial Artists 45. Maryland Professional Karate Association 46. Jeol Chung Juk In Tae Kwon Do Association 47. International Chinese Boxing Association 48. International Association of Martial Artists 49. White Crab Hsia Pai Le Kung Fu Association 50. World Pit-Kune-Do Association 51. Brazil Kung-Fu Federation 52. World Ving Tsun Athletic Association 53. North American ChunJiDo Association 54. U.S. Budo Kaikan 55. International Fellowship of Martial Artists 56. Vunivesi Athletic Association
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