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If you would like a Volunteer Reference Lookup please adhere to the following before sending your request.

We regret due to the immense response that any requests not adhering to the criteria will be deleted & unanswered.

Please be sure you have read in Full How To Request A LOOKUP Remember: 1)Post the surname in Caps along with relevant information Dates,Locations etc.


2)Mark the subject title GHN (and title of required lookup)

3)No more than 2 requests per week


Volunteer Resources USA
Resource Title Description/Location Contact Volunteer
Lucy Crawford's History Of The White Mountains New Hampshire - Maine RAE
Highlight's Of Westbrook History Maine RAE
Bi-Centennial History of Gorham Maine RAE
An Early History Of Prides Corner Paper Talks

Now Part Of Westbrook. A small mostly pictoral history of the paper industry in Maine

Maine RAE
Marriage Returns Of Washington Co. Maine - Prior to 1892 Washington Co. Maine RAE
Vital Records of Old Town Maine Prior To 1892 Maine RAE

For Native American Queries: 1) Type NATIVE AMERICAN in the subject line of E-mail. 2) Submit one family surname per request.Please include first name, birth date or time frame, state or location and any info that will narrow my search down to the correct family (including incidental names).Please Do Not Ask this or any Volunteer to do Blanket Searches.Doing so will result in deletion of your query.

Volunteer Resources NATIVE AMERICAN
Resource Title Description/Location Contact Volunteer
DAWES ROLL "PLUS" by Bob Blankenship CASAS
CHEROKEE ROOTS - Eastern Cherokee Rolls by Bob Blankenship CASAS
CHEROKEE BY BLOOD Compiled by Jerry Wright Jordan, Heritage Books, Inc. Vols. 1 through 8 contains applications for the Miller Roll CASAS

Volunteer Resources Canada
Volunteer Resources NEW BRUNSWICK
Resource Title Description/Location Contact Volunteer
1851 Census Northumberland Co,New Brunswick, Canada PAT
1851-1881 Census Alnwick Parish Northumberland County, New Brunswick, Canada PAT

Volunteer Resources ONTARIO
Resource Title Description/Location Contact Volunteer
Saltfleet Then & Now 1783-1791 Settlers from NY NJ PA MD CT and KY migrated to the Stoney Creek area. Some UEL families. GHN Webmaster
Lovell's Canada Directory For 1857-1858 Gazeteer GHN Webmaster
1804 Leeds Co Census Bastard Township Ontario.Archives of Ontario GHN Webmaster
1783 Niagara Census Families of Loyalists who settled in the Niagara area-Mostly from Butlers Rangers.Vol.105A Haldimand Papers Public Archives Canada . GHN Webmaster
Pioneers Of Beverly Township Sheffield
Westover.Beverly Township,Wentworth Co. Ontario
GHN Webmaster
Beverly Township Ontario Sheffield Cemetery Inscriptions GHN Webmaster
Old Disciples Church Cemetery Rainham Cemetery Inscriptions Haldimand Co. GHN Webmaster
Pensioners Of The War Of 1812 Widows admitted as military pensioners,lists name of husband, rank and date of death.In some instances gives a remarriage of the widow. Public Archives of Canada RG8-1 V703-C GHN Webmaster
1906 Historical Atlas of Wellington County Wellington Co Ontario Canada BRIT
1858 - 1869 Wellington County Marriage Registers Wellington Co. Ontario Canada BRIT
1879 Historical Atlas of Perth County Perth Co. Ontario Canada BRIT
1822 Muster Roll Prince Edward Militia 2nd Regiment.Group 9 I B2 V.29-31 Public Archives of Canada GHN Webmaster
Hastings Milita Return 1834 Lists ages of men, and in some instances Concession and Lot number where they resided. Group 9,I B2 V.29 Public Archives of Canada GHN Webmaster
Northumberland Militia Return 1828-1829 Contains the returns for 3 regiments.Group 9, I B2 V.31 Public Archives Canada. GHN Webmaster
Emigrants Victoria County 1829 Upper Canada Sundries List.Ops Township-Lindsay Ontario.Public Archives Canada. GHN Webmaster
Ontario Land Recommendations 1795 - 1796 Some Settlers To Ontario RG1 L5 V.76Public Archives Of Canada GHN Webmaster
Volunteer Resources UK
Resource Title Description/Location Contact Volunteer
IGI - International Genealogy Index Bedfordshire
Warwickshire England
Cornwall Marriage Index 1813-1837 Parish of Gerrans & St. Cleer SASSY
Cornwall Marriage Transcription Index Parish of Gerrans SASSY
Monumental Inscriptions Of Cornwall Gerrans Parish Church SASSY
Cornwall Burial Index 1813-1837 Gerrans SASSY
Cornwall Burial Index 1813-1837 St Cleer SASSY
Vital Records Index LDS FHS British Isles SASSY
1851 British Census Devon, Norfolk & Warwick SASSY
The Registers of Cliteroe 1570 - 1680 SASSY
Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers England & Wales BRIT
Pigot's Commercial Directory 1830 Beds. Cambs. Hunts. Lincs. Northants BRIT
East of London FHS Midwife's Record & Index 1850 - 1851 England BRIT
1851 Census Index Hampstead, St.Pancras, & Marylebone Middx BRIT
1871 Census Index This index is a list of occurrence for SURNAMES only, NO Families,No Christian names PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUERIES OTHER THAN FOR SURNAMES! BRIT
Middlesex Highgate St. Michael & St.Pancras Pre M.I.'s This index is a list of occurrence for SURNAMES only, NO Families, NO Christian names PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUERIES OTHER THAN FOR SURNAMES! BRIT
Grave Stone Inscriptions
Volume 2
Belfast Ireland Friar's Bush and Milltown Graveyards GHN Webmaster
Grave Stone Inscriptions
Volume 3
Belfast Ireland-Balmoral Cemetery, Friends' Burial Ground and Malone Presbyterian Church GHN Webmaster
1855 Gravestone Inscriptions Angus, Dundee & Broughty Ferry Scotland BRIT
Angus Seacoast and Angus Environs of Dundee Scotland BRIT

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