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~* Urd *~

Urd Quick Facts

Hey sup?? People call me ~WaCkY~ but I'm Urd. Welcome to my profile page. I also work at the Relief Goddess office together with my sisters, Belldandy and Skuld. I am Belldandy's half sister because one part of me is evil and the other is good (Im half goddess and half demon). That's the main reason people think I'm crazy. I use television to link between earth and Heaven. My skin is tanned and I wear revealing outfits! I also have goddess markings on my face which includes the upside-down triangle on my forehead and the triangular markings on my cheeks. I'm a Love goddess also and I can make all kinds of potions. Some day, I wanna become a singer! Thanx for visiting me and come again. To view more Outstanding Pictures of me go to the AH! MY GODDESS! IMAGE GALLERY To send me e-mail, click on my Mail Box: Buh bye, c ya soon, <3 Urd *****************************************************

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